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July 17, 2015

We Simplify Scanning

We Worry About Scanning So You Don't Have To

At Tricerat, we come to work every day with a few goals in mind. One of the most important goals is to simplify and improve the lives of our beloved system administrators. When we design products, we focus on simplicity and power to improve the administrator’s experience—we work to alleviate pain points, balance expectations and improve IT environments.

Scanning Management

With simple solutions in mind, we designed Simplify Scanning, a product that uses a universal "virtual" driver on the Citrix server or ICA/RDP connection that queries local scanners for their capabilities such as resolution and supported paper sizes, forwarding them to be virtualized on the remote server or virtual desktop. In short, it takes scanning issues off your to-do list. Simplify Scanning delivers the system administrator from common IT headaches: Incompatible scanner drivers, unsupported drivers and applications, constant software upgrades, and time-consuming workarounds. Think of the time you would save!

Tricerat’s Simplify Scanning

  • Eliminates Server Driver Management; There are no drivers to install or manage on the Terminal Server and VDI workstations. All functionality is passed thru Simplify Scanning’s virtual channel resulting in a more stable and easily managed environment.
  • Provides Superior Client Device Recognition; Simplify Scanning provides the best in redirection technology. We query the scanner and send complete function of the scanner properties thru to the terminal server, not just a smaller subset thru a universal driver.
  • Allows Full Scanning Functionality; By providing a full set of features, Simplify Scanning enables all advanced properties, such as duplex, color, resolution, paper source, etc. to be realized by the users. This eliminates the need for administrators to create “artificial” drivers.
  • Updates Automatically; Never update client software again! With Simplify Scanning there is no need to reinstall clients with new product updates. The server automatically detects and updates the client.
  • Simplifies Licensing; To make life simple for the administrator, Simplify Scanning is licensed on the server only, not each client. No more headaches with licensing when a client device is replaced.
  • Plays Nicely With Others; Simplify Scanning works with any TWAIN-enabled server application and is compatible with all Tricerat products. The product supports either 32 or 64 bit client servers, including mixed environments.
We know Simplify Scanning sounds too good to be true, but we promise it isn’t. It’s just another fantastic product we designed to simplify the sysadmin’s life. To learn more about this product and register for a free demo, visit our scanning product page or reach out to our technical support gurus at or 800.582.5167
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