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What is Print Management?

Print management involves all aspects of business printing. Print management software administers the processes involved in connecting hardware to print-enabled devices. The software provides device management, ensures compatibility, and delivers a user-friendly, secure printing and scanning experience. For enterprises, print management solutions allow system administrators to operate large networks from a centralized location.


How Does Print Management Benefit Organizations?

Print management enables organizations to effectively manage print devices and streamline workflows, which results in decreased overhead, diminished costs and simplified processes across the network.

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For End Users
With print management solutions, end users benefit from fast and reliable printing from any device or location. In addition, some solutions allow end users access to advanced printing features for added convenience.
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For SysAdmins
Print management software saves time for the IT team by significantly reducing overhead. The solutions can eliminate low-level print tickets, network bandwidth issues and other mundane tasks and errors, allowing SysAdmins more time to focus on strategic tasks of the organization.
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For Organizations
In large enterprise IT environments, print management solutions can transform complex networks with simplified workflows. Automatic management of all deployments and driver updates leaves more time for higher-value IT tasks that enable digital transformation across the enterprise.

How Does Print Management Work?

Advanced print management solves printing issues by streamlining the related processes and device connectivity. The solution carries out simplified printing capabilities by seamlessly integrating into the IT environment, whether its Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Azure, an RDS or a workstation or a hybrid environment. The software enables administrators to easily manage a network of printers, handle user management, monitor print queues, and more from a centralized, easy-to-use console. 

How Print Management Improves Business Operations

Print management improves business operations by eliminating complexities in large networks. Organizations benefit from increased printing and scanning speeds for more reliable document delivery and streamlined workflows. In addition, print management increases end-user satisfaction with easy print identification, control panel customization and a secure, stable environment. 

Ultimately, these capabilities boost user productivity across the board. Print management eliminates the need for massive scripts and GPOs. This results in quicker log-on speeds and a more accessible experience when users log into a session. 

No matter the industry, businesses can leverage print management software to reduce overhead for admin and service desk members. Overall, these solutions can significantly lower operational costs, enable user-friendly, secure printing and lift the burden off the IT department. When it comes to regulation-heavy industries such as healthcare, education or legal, the benefits multiply further.

Print Management in Healthcare

Speed, efficiency and compliance are top priorities in healthcare IT environments. However, inefficient and outdated printing can quickly cut into the budget, cause tech issues across multiple sites and potentially violate HIPAA compliance by putting private patient documents in jeopardy. Print management can eliminate these issues--while upholding the pillars of effective healthcare IT. 

Print management cuts costs, improves clinical workflows and supports adherence to healthcare regulations by ensuring each print job is encrypted and makes it to the designated location. In addition, these solutions can expedite patient discharges while enabling staff to focus on patient care — and not printing issues. 

Print Management in Education

In education, print management software can boost (Quality of Service), cut costs and optimize IT budgets and investments. The software allows school or university IT admins to add personalized user settings without roaming profiles, deploy secure desktops, and allow users to print from any device, including mobile. 

Streamlined print management leads to decreased device downtime across the entire network. Schools and universities can eliminate printing, scanning and redirection issues, benefitting from a secure, stable environment that yields reduced support costs, better user experiences and more time to focus on successful educational outcomes. 

Print Management in Legal

Print management supports legal departments and firms by cutting down printing costs, supporting document management and enforcing confidentially across the organization. The printing of record archival, client information and case archives can all be streamlined through a centralized solution, eliminating time spent on manual tasks. Organizations can also benefit from enhanced security, as all data remains tracked and secured through a single network.

In addition, by managing print jobs by parameters such as required resolutions and paper size, legal departments can ensure that all documents meet stringent legal standards. Advanced solutions also include benefits such as disaster recovery plans, cost information capture and automatically update Electronic Court Filing rules to maintain seamless workflows in legal. 

Key Features of Print Management Software

Not all print management solutions are made the same. Before making an investment decision, organizations must identify the must-have -- and nice-to-have -- software features that will yield optimal benefits for their unique IT environments.

Organizations can successfully streamline their printing processes by leveraging key print management software features including:

Asset 36    A Centralized Admin Console 

Uniting divergent devices and systems of the virtual environment in a centralized, manageable location provides SysAdmins with complete control over their networks. Admins can drag and drop printer assignments to users, assigning based on integrations with active directory. This allows admins to granularly assign based on user groups, location, IP range, etc. A centralized console offers full transparency, empowers decision-making and eliminates manual tasks often involved in IT management.

Asset 2    Plug-and-Play Implementation

A simple solution setup and a smooth integration can save a lot of time for IT teams. No matter the given environment, Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Azure and RDS or workstation, the print management solution must seamlessly plug in to the network for instant benefits and ROI. Maintenance and updates should also be as automated (and regularly supported by the vendor) and possible. 

Asset 35    Print from Any Device or Location

No matter the device or location, features such as proximity printing allows users to print from anywhere, using any device or any printer. This is crucial for remote or multi-site locations -- and extremely convenient for modern professionals that will benefit from capabilities such as on-the-go mobile printing. 

Asset 28    Reporting Tools

Organizations can discover true costs-per-page, waste volumes and cost of ownership by taking advantage of print management reporting tools. This real-time print data solution allows administrators to easily keep track of consumables, server performance, print jobs, and reduce help desk tickets fast. 

Asset 17-1    Professional Services and Custom Options

Each organization's environment -- as well as operational and business needs -- is different. That's why professional services, a customized approach and option for custom code or integrations with third party systems are key features in a print management solution. These features help organizations ensure business continuity, benefit from smooth integration and leverage instant and continuous benefits. 


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Reclaim valuable time spent on overhead and printing errors by implementing a modern print management solution. Tricerat’s plug-and-play print management solution enables SysAdmins to remove driver management in minutes and implement workflows without interruptions. Gain seamless, secure and flexible printing at scale — no matter your current environment or IT architecture.


On average, our customers reduce help desk tickets by 75% following the implementation.

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Management in Action

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Center for Dialysis Care
implemented Tricerat’s solutions to simplify printing in the clinical environment, keeping staff productive and able to focus on excellent patient care. The organization gained a stabilized IT environment, streamlined driver management, and a rapid ROI from quick installations. CDC staff are able to print from any location to any printer, while utilizing advanced features like mobile printing.
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Brainerd Public School District
invested in Tricerat’s print management solutions to improve Quality of Service (QoS) delivered to teachers and students. The district was able to lower total costs of operation, improve user satisfaction and productivity, reduce overhead for Terminal Services administration and decrease overall support effort and cost.
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First State Bank’s
partnership with Tricerat resulted in an 87% reduction in help desk calls and tickets, while eliminating print driver management and simplified printer deployment in its Citrix environment. The First State Bank was able to save hours in printing issues, as Tricerat’s team supported the configuration process and addressed questions with its 24/7 support line.