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Simplify Print Management with ScrewDrivers Pro

Enable users to print from any device to any printer — all managed from a single drag-and-drop dashboard.

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ScrewDrivers Professional

Designed for the fast-paced business world, ScrewDrivers Professional will keep up with the workload. No matter which building, floor or campus, enable users to print wherever they go.

Empower admins and end-users alike with the convenience of printer profiles

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Printer profiles allow different printer configurations to be applied onto a print queue with a user session. Allow your users to edit printer settings, apply different properties to sets of users and devices, and experience the convenience of having multiple profiles assigned to a single printer. 

Access to All Manufacturer Advanced Printer Settings

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Maintain access to all manufacturer advanced printer settings such as PIN/secure, stapling, collating, duplex, color settings and more, no matter the IT environment.

Quick, Seamless and Reliable

Decrease Print and Scan Time

Increase print and scan speed and compression for faster and more reliable print jobs — experience scanning up to 10x faster, print preview times reduced to a quarter of the time, and bring time to leave the print queue down to seconds. 

Drag-and-Drop Assignment

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Enable admins to assign printers, printer settings, and user permissions to various levels of Active Directory with a simple drag-and-drop. 


Manage Printing from One Dashboard.

Improved end-user satisfaction and reduced overhead is just the beginning when it comes to managing all system-level printing from a single dashboard.  Assign, organize, and map printers all in one spot. 

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Easily Manage Print Servers.

Our software hosts all spooling on the terminal and print server, eliminating client side printing delays. This also boosts server performance and reduces print spooler crashes.

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Direct IP Printing.

We understand that leveraging print servers is not for every environment, especially if you have a desktop-based environment. If you have decided to eliminate print servers entirely or have a hybrid of both print server printing and direct IP printing, our solution is perfect for you.


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Seamlessly Assign Printers.

Assign printers at a granular level based on users, groups and/or workstations. Integration with Active Directory to manage and map native printer drivers, giving enhanced flexibility for a variety of user requirements.

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Achieve Rapid ROI.

Equip your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives by drastically reducing print-related help desk tickets by up to 75%. With a 30-min installation and immediate benefits, ScrewDrivers lowers operations costs and increases system-wide productivity.

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