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Install and forget that printer problems ever existed. With a simple set-up, intuitive plug-and-play admin console, Tricerat solutions empower you to refocus on strategic initiatives rather than endless tickets and printing challenges.

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Eliminate Drivers (Plus the Hassle).

Get rid of network bandwidth issues, increase productivity through faster printing speeds and make all advanced print features available to end-users — all without needing to install and manage print drivers.

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A Simpler Print Management System.

Eliminate printing as an obstacle to success when you deploy Tricerat ScrewDrivers — easily configurable and conveniently universal.

Increase the Power of Print Servers

Get Serverless Printing

Discover fast and reliable printing that your users need — without crashing or losing print jobs. Effectively manage and control all aspects of your users’ workstation environment, all without GPOs or scripting.

Seamless Scanning — No More Workarounds

Discover ScrewDrivers Essentials

Get up to 10x faster scanning with a universal virtual scanner driver. Simplify Scanning yields quick ROI by eliminating instances of incompatible scanner drivers, unsupported applications, constant software upgrades and time-consuming workarounds.

A Serverless Print Driver Management Solution

Discover ScrewDrivers

Import your print drivers to a single database, regardless of location, and easily assign this configuration to workstations, users, and/or groups. Empower the user by allowing full access to all capabilities — reducing overhead and hand-holding you need to do.

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