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A centralized printing & scanning solution for easy management with the reliability and flexibility you need.

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Safety & Security

Endpoint security is hugely important to all organizations, especially law offices that deal with a plethora of sensitive data. Often, printers and scanners are overlooked when it comes to endpoint security. Learn more in our Guide to Endpoint Security. 

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Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund
Solve Print Management Headaches
"We have been customers of Tricerat for many years and have been using ScrewDrivers to help us manage our RDP printing environment almost from the beginning."
The Tricerat team worked immediately with ATG’s Information Security Officer to better understand the specific challenges his team was facing. After discovery, we learned that thier biggest pain point was supporting different device types and drivers for external customers connecting into their RDP environment.
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RRJ Insurance Group
Eliminating Printing Issues for a Mobile Workforce
"I have researched and tested several solutions and products. Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers mitigates the shortfalls of remote printing in our environment. I would recommend this solution to any users experiencing printing difficulties."
After over a year of lost productivity and multiple solutions that did not fix the printing problems, the IT department found Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers, a universal print driver software solution. RRJ tested out the software on one of their three Terminal Servers to evaluate its performance. With its simple install process, ScrewDrivers was up and running quickly in their environment. The IT team found that the software’s “plug and play” default settings worked well for them, so minimal configuration was needed. And because of ScrewDriver’s patented printing technology, print speed and server performance were optimized, users had access to advanced print features, and the software worked seamlessly across their hybrid environment.

High Tech Solutions

Reduce time and hassle spent on managing your print environment. Tricerat ScrewDrivers has a printer spooling and mapping time under 2 seconds while remaining environment agnostic. With these flexible printing solutions, you can focus on the strategic needs of your organization, no matter the intricacies of your industry.

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Save Time and Money

Yes, it's that simple. With Tricerat’s ability to eliminate print drivers, your organization can optimize servers and make print driver management a breeze — leaving you free to focus on your mission.

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For Admins

Our Support Engineers deliver 24/7 technical support for installation and configuration before, during and after the sale. Plus, our localized support to benefit both your team and clients. Discover fast and reliable printing that your users need — without crashing or losing print jobs. Effectively manage and control all aspects of your users’ workstation environment, all without GPOs or scripting.

Best Printing and Scanning for Any Industry

With a diverse suite of high-tech print management solutions, Tricerat products can be customized to the unique needs of your virtual environment and industry.

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