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ScrewDrivers Reports™
Printer Monitoring Software

ScrewDrivers Reports™ is an enterprise print monitoring tool with powerful analytics for complex IT environments. This network device monitoring solution securely integrates with any cloud or on-premise endpoint to collect deep insights into performance across all users, devices, and servers.

Complete visibility & control over any printing device on your network.

Gain deep insights into all print operations.

ScrewDrivers Reports features a user-friendly interface with customizable dashboards, making it simple to navigate and visualize printing activities. Export data in CSV format to work with other business intelligence tools, improving data usability through SQL queries and integration with data lakes.

Stop overpaying for unused printers, wasted paper, and ink.

The tool provides complete visibility into print operations, allowing for improved resource allocation and decision-making. Report on printing usage, ink/toner levels, individual printer devices, and paper documents by department, size, and color in order to optimize costs across operations.

Complete visibility doesn't mean sacrificing security.

Our centralized monitoring tool, based on the Zero Trust framework, securely collects insights across the enterprise and enables IT departments to effectively manage a growing number of devices and users. The entire ScrewDrivers suite is also designed to support sector-specific regulations, such as HIPAA, seamlessly addressing even the most complex, compliance-heavy environments.

Your IT support team will thank you.

Reduce IT support tickets related to printing, and enhance user productivity by gaining real-time visibility into user and device errors. Achieve nearly instantaneous ROI, keep costs down, and understand the overhead coming from IT.

The easiest way to track local, network, and virtual printers.

ScrewDrivers Reports securely tracks usage across enterprise endpoints, enabling the visibility and control administrators need to manage servers, monitor network activity, and diagnose common issues such as 'offline' statuses and spooler errors.



Enterprise printing doesn't have to be a problem.

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