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Serverless Printing

Whether you need to improve the functionality of print servers or eliminate them entirely, Tricerat delivers the complete solution for simplifying workstation printing.

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Direct IP for the Masses.

Experience direct IP printing without the common drawbacks that can come with it. Our solution provides administrators with easy driver imports, printer profiles, visual Active Directory integration, and more - all without needing print servers.

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Centralized Console.

One centralized console to manage all enterprise printing needs: add/remove printers, assign to users, troubleshoot, reporting, and more. Eliminate print driver management and print servers for workstation printing.

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Save Time and Reduce Your Footprint.

Reduce network bandwidth consumption, lower costs, reduce overhead, and remove print servers.

With our solution, IT administrators gain back time to focus on higher-level tasks, freeing up company time and resources, offering a quick ROI with serverless printing.

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