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Tricerat + IGEL Printing

Redefining Efficiency in Linux Virtual Desktop Printing Environments

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Why Tricerat + IGEL for Your Printing Needs?

Working with Tricerat means accessing tailor-made printing solutions specifically for IGEL thin clients. Our partnership sets new standards in printing efficiency and reliability across the enterprise.

Our IGEL endpoint solutions adapt to the demands of complex virtual environments and are fully compatible with IGEL's hardware, including UD Pocket, UDC, and IGEL Ready-certified devices.

Explore Our IGEL Ready Benefits

Smarter VDI Printing with an IGEL Ready Partner

As an IGEL Ready partner, Tricerat helps enterprises tackle the specific challenges of VDI printing using IGEL endpoints.


Simplify IT Admin & End-User Experiences

Simplified Management: Our approach eases print operation workflows, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic tasks.

Enhanced Productivity: Rapid processing and reduced disruptions lead to a more efficient work environment.

Consistent Performance: Reliability is key to seamless virtual environments; we ensure smooth, high-quality printing experiences, reducing common issues.

Partner Guide to IGEL Printing

Seamless Integration

Tricerat's approach to IGEL client printing stands out by offering seamless integration across various virtual platforms and intelligent setup processes that enhance operational efficiency.

Features like proximity-based printing and a user-friendly management console makes printing as efficient and straightforward as possible. Our focus on reducing server load and print spooler issues ensures a more stable and reliable infrastructure.

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Explore Our Enterprise Print Management Solutions

Discover how Tricerat and IGEL's joint solutions can transform your organization's printing capabilities in virtual desktop environments.

Our powerful partnerships and cutting-edge technology focus on innovation and user satisfaction. We streamline daily operations for both SysAdmins and End Users, enhancing ease, connectivity, and efficiency in even the most complex IT infrastructures.

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