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December 14, 2015

What's new in Simplify Printing TX 1.5?

Guest Printing

Simplify Printing TX grants individuals or groups that you often do business with (partners, vendors, customers and other guests) full, secure access to your managed printing environment, while completely restricting access to your actual domain. This feature allows guest users to be authenticated from sources outside of your Active Directory.

Secure Print Queue for iOS

Leveraging built-in iOS share functionality, users can share any and all print jobs safely and securely through the convenient Simplify Printing TX mobile app. When you are ready to print just open the Simplify Printing TX mobile app and pick your printer.

Minor Features / Bug Fixes

  • Added - iOS Extensibility - allow routing of print jobs to TX server regardless of location
  • Added - iOS Application and Installer Analytics
  • Added - Agent support for Windows 10
  • Fixed - Agent UI credentials not saved when apostrophe in username
  • Fixed - Admin Console logging now follows registry setting
  • Fixed - Admin console cleaned up messaging when a mixture of shareable and non-shareable printers are selected for a sharing operation
  • Fixed - Agent Fixed a crash on OSX
  • Fixed - Agent iOS printing output with Japanese characters
  • Fixed - Transport supports TLS encryption through TLS 1.2 and disabled all SSLv2-v3 support
  • Fixed - Agent issue with slow printing to agents with a large number of printers (>50)
  • Fixed - Agent can pause a printer for policy assigned printers
  • Fixed - Agent error message when iOS agents are not connected to a network at connection time
  • Fixed - Agent DLL load error popup on Windows Server 2008 when agent is run
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