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Experience unmatched scanning security and speed.

Enable 10x faster and secure scanning from any location with our driver-free technology.

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Experience unmatched speed and efficiency in Citrix, VMware, Microsoft RDS, and hybrid IT environments. In today’s push to get to a ‘paper-less’ corporate environment, scanning for business is as critical as ever. Learn how to improve workflows in our free guide.

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Remote Work Ready

Does your staff work from home or at an offsite location? Connect scanners with TWAIN or WIA drivers and pass locally installed scanners into remote sessions, giving your users more flexibility.

Scan Remotely

Built in Compression

Dramatically reduce scanning transfer rates to seconds for employees in remote sessions to increase productivity and happiness.

Increase Scanning Speeds

Achieve Rapid ROI & Cost Savings

We’ve helped over 10,000 customers reduce IT related-costs. Increase employee productivity by reducing scan transfer rates from minutes to seconds. With an install that only takes minutes, lower operations costs and increase system-wide productivity right away.

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Simplify Scanning

Remove the need to manage drivers in a virtual desktop environment, reduce bandwidth consumption and speed up document scan time.

Universal Scanner Driver

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Scan 10x faster than USB-redirected scanning, with a universal virtual scanner driver to save time and increase productivity. No more incompatible scanner drivers, unsupported drivers or applications, or constant software upgrades.

Maximum Compatibility in Remote Sessions

Speed Up Scanning
Experience unmatched speed in remote scanning sessions, with TWAIN and WIA drivers.

Fully Encrypted End to End

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All of our solutions use TLS 1.2 encryption and LZ4 compression to deliver scanning jobs securely and quickly. Compatible with Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and Linux - we have your team covered.

Deploy Tricerat and Microsoft Azure

Learn more about Azure Deployment
If you’re just getting started on deploying Azure in your organization and need guidance, we are here to help. Learn how to simplify the management of scanning for administrators and enhance the experience for end users in your Azure environment.

Don’t Compromise Features

Streamline Scanning
Access complete scanner functionality with our virtual scanner driver. Manage scanners and users from one centralized, easy to use management console. Automatic updates and licenses are only managed over the server, rather than each client.