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July 2, 2021

Simplifying Workstation Printing with Tricerat ScrewDrivers

Whether your focus is improving the functionality of print servers or eliminating them entirely, Tricerat ScrewDrivers is the complete solution for simplifying workstation printing. With the centralized and reliable approach to workstation printing, ScrewDrivers will drastically reduce the amount of print-related help desk tickets that your IT team has to handle, freeing up resources for your organization and helping to deliver higher ROI.

Tricerat ScrewDrivers has cross-environment compatibility and works with platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Citrix, VMware, IGEL, and physical workstation environments. All workstations and endpoints can be controlled from a centralized drag and drop dashboard, which means no scripting or GPOs are involved. From this console, admins are able to assign printers based on location, profile, or workstation. In addition to the centralized console, there is the option to manage all endpoints with a single virtual driver so that no one in your organization needs to worry about installing or losing drivers on their machines, leading to increased performance and functionality.

Whether your team uses print servers or direct IP printing, Tricerat ScrewDrivers has all the key features and functions to eliminate your help desk tickets and ensure consistent and efficient printing.

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