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September 23, 2022

Smarter Printing for Legal

The legal industry has extremely important, sensitive documents to be printed on a daily basis. They need to be out in the right order, kept private, and of good quality. With that in mind, Tricerat put together a guide for how smarter printing that layers on top of any environment can boost your efficiency and eliminate IT headaches. 

Print Large Documents Quickly

Legal documents are lengthy, something you know very well to be true. If you’re printing a 100-page document, it needs to come out sometime between 30 seconds and one minute, not 10 minutes. Any delay in printing is a delay in your case. These numbers aren’t hypothetical or hyperbole. In real use case scenarios, it took 30 seconds to print a legal document without us, and a mere six seconds to print the same document using our software. Our legal clients consistently see a drastic reduction in the time it takes to print because we compress the data and provide the fastest delivery possible.

Keep Sensitive Data Secure While Printing

Endpoint security is hugely important to all organizations, especially when dealing with a large amount of sensitive data. Far too often, printers are overlooked when it comes to endpoint security. Security cannot be compromised. You don’t want legal documents to be sitting at the printer. This is why we offer “Hold and release” functionality within our software. With “Hold and release,” you’re able to send a print job to a printer and have it held in the cloud until you release it from your phone, tablet, or laptop. The security benefit this brings to your sensitive paperwork cannot be overstated.

"Their universal print driver is the only solution that we have been able to find that eliminates the need for my staff to install drivers." - Information Security Officer, ATG.

Simple Print Management for Anyone

The best kind of user experience is when you don’t even realize you’re using something different, you just know it works well and it works quickly. That is what you can expect if you trust Tricerat’s print management solutions for your legal documents. With our flexible printing solutions in place, your senior staff can focus on the strategic needs of your organization, no matter the intricacies of your industry.

For more information on how to improve printing in your financial organization, check out Tricerat's Endpoint Security Guide. You will learn about how to secure your endpoints, ways to improve overall security, and how ScrewDrivers® ensures safer printing and scanning.

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