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July 8, 2022

Smarter Printing for Healthcare

The healthcare industry prints in large volumes and has specific security needs to maintain. Whether it's the fear of a spooler crash or maintaining HIPAA compliance, Tricerat put together a guide for how smarter printing can help you keep daily operations running smoothly.

Reduce Printing Complexity

The more complex the environment, the more benefits you’ll gain from Tricerat. There’s few organizations more complex than in healthcare: your system houses large volumes of medical record data, and has a varied user base including doctors, nurses, administration, HR, volunteers, and more. We believe it’s better to get it all from one solution — that’s why we offer enterprise print management on the go, enabling users to print from any device, in any location, to any printer.

Avoid HIPAA Issues While Printing

HIPAA violation fines can be up to $250K, not including victim restitutions. In addition to the financial penalty, a jail term is likely for HIPAA violation. For this reason, your healthcare clinic or hospital won’t even consider any type of technology or solution that may lead to HIPAA compliance issues. We’re here to put your mind at ease. You won’t need to worry about these violations when you use Tricerat for your printing needs.

We help you adhere to HIPAA by protecting all data — even from our own team! We don’t see any sensitive patient information. All data goes from user to printer, without a middleman or second set of eyes. Our system keeps track of user names, but we’re not touching data in any meaningful way. This means you have one less touchpoint to be concerned with.

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Improve Printing Expectations

The doctors within your healthcare system expect to have the tools they need to be in place and work every time. They can’t slow down patient care, diagnostics, surgeries, and writing prescriptions because of a printing bottleneck. Medical professionals expect the functionality to be there, and they aren’t going to be happy about needing to call a help desk to get the printer working.

It isn’t just your doctors. Nurses are in and out, and always busy. They don’t have time to call IT! The right printing solution for them has to be automated and it has to be available at the moment they need it. When a medical professional needs to print, they need to be able to do so right away, not 24 hours later after an IT ticket has been worked on. Patient care can’t wait; plain and simple.

Proximity printing is the solution. By implementing this functionality within your healthcare system, your busy nursing staff gets access to the nearest printer based on the room they’re connecting from. The press of a few buttons and a quick walk to the next room is all it takes!

Increase Printing Reliability

When a patient’s health is on the line, a broken or slow printer isn’t acceptable. When you trust your printing needs to Tricerat, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re trusting a reliable solution. That’s why our software makes sure the printed document is delivered every time. With many people, many printers, and so many documents, your printing must be a structured process. With Tricerat’s print management solutions, printing becomes second nature to your entire staff because it will work so easily each time.

For more information on how to improve printing in your healthcare organization, check out Tricerat's fundamental guide to Healthcare IT. You will learn about common challenges, how to solve large-network challenges, and more.

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