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Aristacare Health Services

ScrewDrivers® eliminates printer mapping issues, saving Aristacare's IT staff tremendous time and improving user experience.


501 - 1,000 end users
4 IT staff
170 printers
2 print servers


Improved user satisfaction and productivity
Reduced support effort and cost
Increased printer availability
Improved printer assignment flexibility

About Aristacare Health Services

Aristacare operates two print servers supporting 170+ printers. The four IT staff have a multitude of environments to support including Microsoft, VMware, and Workstation. With limited bandwidth, it was important to keep printing operations running smoothly across the entire company.


The Situation

With over 170 printers across 2 print servers Aristacare's IT staff had their work cut out for them. Working in three different environments, Aristacare chose to use group policy as a means to support and map all of their printers. Although group policy initially was working, the staff soon realized that it was not a dependable solution when it came to mapping printers. 


The Challenge

Mapping printers through group policy ended up not being a perfect solution for Aristacare. They found that group policy tended to extend the logon times, making it difficult to setup users with specific printers. Printers could take up to 30 seconds to appear under the control panel. To make matters worse, printers would sometimes not map at all. Using group policy for printer mapping was becoming too inefficient for Aristacare.

Problem Solved

Printer assignment is very flexible using ScrewDrivers, having the ability to set Admin assigned printers and also allowing users to select from a list of printers for self-assignment is very flexible.
Systems Admin
The Tricerat install for ScrewDrivers was very straight forward and we were up and running in a very short period of time.
Systems Admin

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