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October 20, 2020

Simplify Lockdown, Desktop & Profiles Sunset

In life and in SaaS, sunsets can be beautiful — especially when they make way for better, brighter tomorrows. At Tricerat, we've been busy crafting the future of our solutions, working to create a seamless, modern suite of products that meet the needs of today's enterprises. But how did we get here?

Over the years, our ScrewDrivers and Simplify Printing family has grown to include products for print server printing, direct IP printing, mobile printing and scanning, and more. Our Simplify Suite combined these various technologies, but had eventually grown to contain outdated technologies and too many solutions in one place. Essentially, the Simplify Suite was not so simple anymore.

In our new version 7 of ScrewDrivers, we've brought together a wide range of new printing technology in one cohesive solution, making it easy for system administrators to deploy high-end technologies in minimal time. Let's explore ScrewDrivers v7, outlining how this new iteration can help your business take printing management to the next level.

Out with the old...

Simplify Desktop and Simplify Lockdown were created in the earliest days of terminal server deployments, when administrators had very few tools to manage these shared environments. Desktop provided users with simplified desktops, while administrators enjoyed a revolutionary approach to efficient, customized desktops. Simplify Lockdown went a step further, ensuring that users on shared systems were only running applications that the administrator white-listed, protecting servers from errant processes and security risks.

While these products still have a place and are currently running in customer environments, new operating systems, better hardware capabilities and an array of management options have reduced the general need for these products in the marketplace. In response, we evaluated our resources and product lines and decided to focus on our world-class printing and scanning technologies, building even better solutions to benefit our customers.

...In with the awesome

Tricerat's new printing technology can handle many different scenarios, including print server printing, server-less service printers, mobile and more. We've now reorganized the administration program and renamed these products to provide a complete, clear set of printing technologies. If you need help finding your favorite products under their new names, this article in our knowledge base breaks it down for you.

With ScrewDrivers v7, you still have access to all of the same benefits of version 6, including the ability to:

  • Control all of your printing and scanning from a single drag-and-drop console
  • Eliminate management of print drivers on the client and server side
  • Personalize and deploy solutions without scripting or GPOs
  • Access or restrict all manufacturer advanced printers setting, such as PINs, color printing, stapling, collating, duplexes, etc.

To help meet the exact needs of your business, we've rolled out ScrewDrivers in three tiers: Essentials, Pro and Enterprise. You can learn more about this trio and decide which one is right for you in this blog post.

Making the switch

For customers that only used Simplify Suite's printing components, upgrading to ScrewDrivers will provide everything that you had before along with powerful new printing technology. ScrewDrivers v7 introduces new component names and a cohesive administration program to more effectively manage print environments of all types.

If you are a customer of Simplify Suite that uses Simplify Profiles, Desktop, or Lockdown, those products are not included in ScrewDrivers v7. To maintain these capabilities, you have the following options:

  • Continue to use Simplify Suite up to and including version 6 until it reaches end of life.
  • Install ScrewDrivers v7 side-by-side with Simplify Suite to leverage the latest Tricerat print technologies while still running version 6 of Profiles, Desktop, or Lockdown.
  • Upgrade to ScrewDrivers v7 and utilize only printing technologies.

For more support on making the switch to ScrewDrivers, feel free to reach out to our team via the customer support center. In the meantime, we invite you to explore these new capabilities with a free demo.

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