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May 29, 2020

How to Print from Any Mobile Device with the Tricerat Gateway Feature

Managing printing in VDI can be a challenge in itself, even when an administrator is just managing the devices within the office. Printing from a mobile or unmanaged device can be a real challenge, if not impossible for users. Through Tricerat’s print Gateway, users can print from iOS devices, macOS devices, Android devices, and more.

About Tricerat’s Gateway

For normal printing functions to work within a VDI session, be it in Citrix, VMware, or Microsoft, clients need to be able to communicate from the print server down to the client. With most scenarios this process isn’t difficult, but issues occur when the clients that users are trying to print from do not have that capability or don’t support virtual channels. This is often the case with iOS and Android devices, but there are other devices where this may be the case.

The Tricerat gateway enables those devices that otherwise wouldn’t have access to print directly from their chosen device to their normally assigned printers. The gateway handles all of the typical logistics that would occur when a user would log on to a windows desktop. When a user went to print, the gateway would connect to the active directory to get the groups for the user. It then connects to the database to use that information to get the correct printer assignment for that particular user and device, which it then sends to the mobile device, so the device can list the correct printers for the user to choose from, as well as available print preferences. The gateway mimics the regular print process on the clients that otherwise would not be able to do print.

The Tricerat Gateway does not require users to sign on to the VDI sessions and does not need their credentials, they simply need to log into the Tricerat mobile app to print. They will be able to access their normally assigned printers based on whatever criteria the admin has set up for them, according to their user assignments and groups.

Use Case

Many users in the modern world, regardless of industry, need to access documents on their phone or mobile device for their daily workflows, but printing from the phone has always been a challenge. With Tricerat’s Gateway, printing is easy and seamless for both users and administrators.

As an example, if a user opened an email with an attachment, or found an article online on their phone that they needed to print to their office printer, normally this would be difficult and time consuming. With the Gateway, the user would simply open share sheets on their iOS device, or open the share function on their Android, and open this file within the Tricerat app. From there, a user would input their credentials, chose the printer they want to print from, pick their print preferences, and hit “print”.

This entire process would take no more than few seconds, and users do not need to log into a VDI session to print to the correct printer. Administrators can assign printers to users according to their device, so users always have the correct printers available, regardless of location. The Gateway enables users to switch seamlessly between their devices without sacrificing time or ease of use.

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