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June 23, 2020

Introducing the New ScrewDrivers Trio

Your time is valuable — and best spent on strategic needs of your organization. But when you’re tasked with overhead and end-user challenges, print management can be a never ending frustration. Low-level tickets, crashes and network bandwidth issues can quickly pile up to consume your already at-capacity days.

What if you could quickly install a print management solution and forget that printer problems ever existed?

Our new ScrewDrivers Products are engineered as a seamless print management solution for any IT environment. Available in three tiers, Essentials, Pro and Enterprise, our print management solution eliminates Sys Admin headaches, improves workflows and saves your company’s resources like never before.

ScrewDrivers Essentials


  • Universal Print Driver Virtualization
  • Local Print + Local Scanner Virtualization
  • 12 Month Support Contract
  • TMF® Page Description Language

Gain all the basics you need for flawless print management. An expert solution for eliminating issues in Citrix, VMware, Microsoft WVD and RDS, workstation and server-free printing environments, ScrewDrivers Essentials ensures consistency in end user experience without crashes or lost print jobs. That’s the core of a modern print management solution.

When you install ScrewDrivers Essentials, you can remove driver management in minutes. With a plug-and-play architecture, you can quickly plug in the software and instantly leverage various benefits. Get easy print identification, control panel customization and a secure, stable environment — all in one centralized, easily manageable location.

ScrewDrivers Pro

Essentials Plus:

  • Centralized Admin Console
  • Print Server & Server-Free Printing
  • PDF Printing & Other Advanced Print Features
  • Self Service & Map Manager

Designed for fast-paced organizations, ScrewDrivers Pro will keep up with any workload, complexity or location. No matter which building, floor or campus, ScrewDrivers features, such as proximity printing, enable users to print from anywhere, using any device and any printer.

Plus, Sys Admin and end-user convenience is a top priority in this solution. With a centralized Admin Console, admins gain a a single pane view into the entire printing environment, able to assign users to devices, create naming conventions for end points and decide end user access to advanced print features like badge release or watermarking.

Modern businesses demand modern features. With ScrewDrivers Pro, your users get full access to all manufacturer advanced printer settings such as PIN/secure, stapling, collating, duplex, color settings and more. 

ScrewDrivers Enterprise

Pro plus:

  • Mobile Printing
  • Cloud Connector
  • Exclusive Professional Services

We went big for enterprise — because we believe efficiency should have no limits. That’s why when we engineered ScrewDrivers Enterprise, we added features like Mobile and Direct IP printing, so you can take enterprise printing capabilities wherever you go. With ScrewDrivers Enterprise advanced reporting tools, you can keep track of consumables, print jobs and reduce help desk tickets fast.

We're here to support large enterprise networks. With professional services and custom coding features, our new ScrewDrivers Enterprise equips you to optimize print management operations on a granular level — no matter the size, industry or technical requirements of your organization.

What’s in it for You? Seamless Print Management.

With the three ScrewDrivers tiers, you get your time back to focus on your organization’s priorities. With quick installation and immediate benefits, the lineup lowers operational costs and increases system-wide productivity.

Cost Savings

With ScrewDrivers solutions, you can equip your IT team to handle strategic initiatives, without needing to worry about print-related help desk tickets or overhead. In fact, on average, our customers reduce help desk tickets by 75% with our solutions.

Upon installation, you can achieve rapid ROI with a solution that instantly boosts server performance and reduces print spooler crashes. With a 30-min installation and immediate benefits, ScrewDrivers lowers operations costs and increases productivity across your organization.

Take your pick out of the ScrewDrivers lineup and try it out — and the Tricerat team will be happy to walk you through a new way of effortless print management in your organization.

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