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October 15, 2021

Enhancing Citrix Deployments Through Better Printing and Scanning Workflows

Tricerat CTO, Andrew Parlette, presented on Citrix Workspace printing and scanning strategies at a recent CUGC event that you can view here. Check out the key takeaways in this blog to learn how Tricerat's solution can help IT teams to build and optimize their printing and scanning environments within Citrix.

User Consistency and Flexibility with ScrewDrivers® Enterprise

ScrewDrivers Enterprise helps to ensure that the right printers show up for the appropriate end-users, even in roaming environments. In order to provide end-users with a seamless printing experience, it is important that they are able to access the device regardless of where they may be. ScrewDrivers even has self-service available to end-users with a searchable list and map feature to find their desired device. Everything that populates within the user's self-service area will be ready to operate and help the user achieve consistent printing results. All of these aspects of ScrewDrivers help to increase productivity in printing and scanning within enterprise environments. 

Efficient Printer Assignments with ScrewDrivers® Enterprise

In addition to making life simpler for end-users, a lot of what ScrewDrivers does is focused on optimizing printer and scanner assignments for administrators. ScrewDrivers provides a console that allows for simple and clean assignments to users thus minimizing the risk of errors. Scripting and group policy are other means of managing and assigning printers but these methods can get complicated when trying to scale. Making changes and updates to complex GPOs, or thousands of lines of script, takes up a lot of time and effort for admins. ScrewDrivers simplifies the assignment process and allows the admin to see easily see what printers and scanners are available.

View the full webinar on Tricerat printing and scanning integrations with Citrix now!

Advanced Configurations ScrewDrivers®

Let's dive into some of the more advanced functions ScrewDrivers is capable of in Citrix environments:

Advanced Print Features with Virtual Driver
  • The virtual driver can be used on a Citrix VDI image so that when a new user logs on it is just a database query to get the metadata about the printer
  • ScrewDrivers also has the ability to stream the user interface over from the print server so that users still have access to all of the printer’s capabilities allowed by the admin
Printer Profiles
  • Admins can customize and assign default values to printers such as black and white vs. color with the Printer Profiles feature
CSV Import
  • With CSV Import you can stop adding thousands of new desktops manually and instead upload a spreadsheet of all the new desktops and the assignments will populate

Citrix + Tricerat ScrewDrivers®

Tricerat's ScrewDrivers is a Citrix Ready solution and has been for a number of years. ScrewDrivers is able to pull in printers from print servers, directIP printing without print servers, and your local client to put all your printers in one easy to manage space. Our solution spools locally on the remote desktop, sends across to the desired destination (print server or the local client), and then spools as a local print job there.

The universal virtual driver even eliminates time-consuming workarounds for scanning like USB redirection. ScrewDrivers instead gets the full scanning job locally and then spins it up resulting in a fast and more stable environment for remote Citrix sessions. Tricerat's solution effectively eliminates the need to manage multiple hosted applications and devices while allowing users to send documents directly to the correct application. To learn more about how Tricerat operates with Citrix, visit our Citrix Printing page today.

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