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Virtualize printer drivers in your Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft RDP environments.

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Print to any local client printer without administrator intervention.

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Compatible with HDX/ICA, PCoIP, RDP protocols, 32- and 64- bit

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We created ScrewDrivers to remove the hassle of managing print drivers in Citrix, VMware, Microsoft RDP and hybrid remote environments.

Virtualize print drivers from remote users. Our universal print driver software eliminates the need for drivers and allows users to print from any environment to any local printer.

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Increase print speeds with our advanced compression and streaming.

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Reduce print support costs and efforts, and boost user productivity with flawless printing.

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Access all manufacturer advanced printer settings. PIN/secure, stapling, collating, duplex.

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Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers

  • Universal print driver software

    Our printer driver software platform works for all printers, including those in a remote environment. Our ‘driverless’ technology mirrors print drivers from printers, eliminating the need for administers to manage print drivers. 

  • Speed and improvement

    Our developers created a unique print protocol that speeds remote printing and improves server performance by minimizing print spooler crashes.

  • Servers and clients

    ScrewDrivers uses a server side and a client side component to achieve fast and reliable printing. Client software updates automatically.

  • Compatible for your environment

    Compatible with HDX/ICA, PCoIP, RDP protocols, 32- and 64- bit. Supports Windows OS and macOS.

  • Eliminate spooler crashes

    Reduce load by removing unnecessary print drivers and eliminating spooler crashes.

  • Access advanced print features

    Tricerat creates a pathway to allow printing to function. We are the only software solution that gives full access to all manufacturer advanced print features through the native dialogue box. 

  • Performance and print fidelity

    Tricerat’s TMF protocol compresses files and optimizes performance over slow or high-latency connections. Print faster, more reliably, and reduce load on your servers. Fonts, graphics, and text are accurately rendered every time.

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We count over 10,000 businesses as our customers.

We love our customers, and we’re proud to say they love us right back.

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Satisfied Customers

ScrewDrivers has been with our company for many years and we have had next to no printing issues because of it.

Satisfied Customers

I would suggest ScrewDrivers as an alternative to other third party print solutions, as it is technically superior in terms of its capabilities and reduction in end user complexity, and offers a better service provider program.

Satisfied Customers

This has been the best software investment we’ve made for both our employees and clients.

Satisfied Customers

Tricerat’s solution is superior to other printing, solutions, saving our company thousands in support costs.

Satisfied Customers

For RDP and Terminal Services Printing, Tricerat’s software does exactly what it claims to and has saved us a ton of work versus any alternatives.