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December 9, 2022

The Only Truly Universal Print Driver

ScrewDrivers® by Tricerat is the only print management solution on the market that features a truly universal print driver.

Print Output

Tricerat’s universal virtual print driver (UPD), the engine of our ScrewDrivers® solution, delivers the highest possible print fidelity across remote environments. That means when your users print, it’ll just work. Our proprietary software is engineered specifically for remote desktop or VDI scenarios and can handle the most complex requirements. This format provides the best possible output accuracy with awide range of printers, applications, and documents. Tricerat has Advanced Print Feature technology to enable full device capabilities – even in a driverless environment.

Alternative to Policy Management

Tricerat offers centralized printer management from an easy to use, drag and drop console. Administrators can see a useful snapshot of the printers assigned to users and devices in the environment. New printer assignments and bulk imports can be done in seconds. We also integrate with Windows logon process to immediately begin processing during session start. User and device assignments can be retrieved quickly without processing through long GPOs. The result is an optimized logon process ensuring the best user experience.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Tricerat’s UPD works for printers on a variety of platforms. Our customers usually have some type of hybrid environment that may consist of a mix of  Citrix Desktops, VDI, RDS, and physical desktops. We have developed our solutions over the years to fit the unique needs of your specific environment, on all platforms, and for all types of printers, all while offering a consistent user interface and standardized printer mappings across devices and platforms. Additionally, because of our centralized console, IT administrators have a central management point for printing across all sessions.

Native Print Driver Management

There may be times when a native print driver is preferred, and Tricerat has a solution that automatically delivers print drivers to Windows endpoints. For environments with network printing without print servers, administrators can now choose the best technology option for any situation. In many cases, our solutions can be used and managed through one console. Only Tricerat can show the native driver dialog including all features offered by the manufacturer, including department or PIN code release printing.

Dedicated to Printing

Tricerat has been dedicated to printing for over 20 years. Our solutions - universal virtual driver technology, management interfaces, and access to advanced print features - have all evolved to meet the demands of complex printing challenges, including Citrix Desktops and Virtual Apps. Our team of engineers are focused on consulting with administrators to provide the best possible print solution for any given environment.

Return on Investment

When looking at the return on investment for an add-on product, consider the efficiency gains for both IT staff and users. Users can lose valuable productivity when printing fails due to failed printer mappings or incorrect output, requiring help desk calls or repeated work. Admins will see time savings through print management efficiencies and reduced help desk calls.

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