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March 24, 2020

Seamless Remote Work for the Finance Industry

The financial industry is one unlike any other. With increasing regulations and significant security requirements it can be difficult to make sure that all of a company’s bases are covered when supporting their workers and customers. Financial service organizations are also under constant pressure to find greater cost efficiencies and yield the highest productivity from customers and shareholders alike. When you add the recent adoption of remote work into the mix, it can leave companies and IT administrators feeling overwhelmed.

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Remote Work Hiccups

Many financial businesses have been able to embrace the new digital landscape and adapt to remote work. However, a key question they are faced with is how do they support system administrators and stay productive while having employees work remote? In order to maintain productivity, financial organizations need to give their employees access to all necessary functions that they would have in an office. One essential function that remote workers in the financial industry need to have access to is printing. While remote printing is accessible for most companies it is not without issues.

Problems such as driver malfunctions and spooler crashes are something that workers have to deal with in remote environments. Remote workers can run into connectivity issues as well when trying to connect to a printer in their home resulting in frustration. When in an office space, a worker can simply ask IT for help or check to make sure they’re connected to a specific printer. System administrators may experience an added layer of complexity, as well due to an increase in support tickets from remote locations. 

Printing Solutions with Tricerat

To avoid losing productivity when embracing  a remote work environment, it’s important to find a solution that fits your company. Tricerat has over two decades of experience with delivering printing solutions that fit the unique needs of finance companies. Our solutions offer flexibility and support for system administrators so that they can seamlessly manage printing even in remote environments. This allows system administrators to get their jobs done without hassle and allows users to print from anywhere, to anywhere. To learn more about our unique solutions, schedule a demo with us today.

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