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April 16, 2021

Google Cloud Print Alternative for Education

Google Cloud Print was a service that made printing a breeze, especially in education settings. However, its discontinuation this past December has left schools scrambling for new print solutions. Luckily, there are other options available that can allow limited school budgets to breathe, overworked IT teams to focus on more pressing issues, and most importantly, help students learn. 

About Google Cloud Print 

Google Cloud Print (GCP) could turn any PC that runs Chrome into a print server for users’ Google accounts. This meant it could circumvent having print drivers for Chrome Operating Systems. It also allowed users to print from anywhere, with added elements of security, and simplified printer sharing. GCP also worked seamlessly with ChromeBooks, a common laptop used in schools, but could also be used on smartphones, tablets, PCs, or any devices with an internet connection. This made it incredibly easy and safe for students, teachers, and administrators to print and share documents, assignments, projects, reports, and more at school.  

Discontinuation Leaves Schools Seeking Alternative Solutions 

As much as GCP was widely used in schools, it was discontinued in December 2020. CloudPrint used to be crucial for Google because Chromebooks didn't have support for native printing, so they needed CloudPrint in order to print. However, ChromeOS now has native printing support, and CloudPrint isn't crucial for ChromeOS anymore. Since GCP is no longer available, many schools are left again dealing with their same old printing issues and are in need of an alternative solution 

Tricerat ScrewDrivers for Schools 

And with schools searching for an alternative, that's where we come in. Tricerat ScrewDrivers allows you to securely print from any device, in any location, to any printer.  We know that sensitive information, such as forms, student grades, or health documents should never be left unattended at the printer. With the 'Pause and Release' feature, users have the capability to control where and when their print job is delivered. We also control printer access based on proximity settings. Students and faculty travel all over the building and campus throughout the day, often creating confusion about which printer to select. Proximity-awareness printing resolves this issue. 

ScrewDrivers also helps schools save money! Printing can be so expensive that some schools charge students for their print jobs, and faculty printing is a cost that is hard to recover. With our high ROI for customers, this is no longer an issue.   

Tricerat also delivers printers to your students and faculty efficiently. With many different types of end users all using different devices, managing printers can feel intimidatingWith ScrewDrivers, you can manage it all from a single consoleregardless of who, what, where, or when. 


Uninterrupted Learning Again 

Technical issues are major barriers for teachers. While Google Cloud Print once helped knock down those barriers, many of them have cropped back up in schools since the service's discontinuation. However, with our user-friendly, simplified print management software, teachers can run engaging lessons without worrying about defective classroom tech. Plus, with satellite campus accessibility, teaching can happen anywhere, anytime. This way, students, teachers, and faculty can solely focus on what really matters: learning.  


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