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Brainerd Public Schools

Brainerd Public School District is one of the largest school districts in Minnesota. All of the district’s 13 schools house nearly 7,300 students and 1,000 faculty members. As with most public educational facilities, budget cuts constantly create setbacks with technology, affecting the Quality of Service (QoS) delivered to teachers and students.


7,300 students
1,000 faculty members
3,700 clients
13 schools
Terminal Server Lab


Low total cost of operation
Improved user satisfaction and productivity
Reduced overhead for Terminal Services administration
Reduced support effort and cost

About Brainerd

Brainerd operates two different networks with Macs and PCs. With only four technicians for the entire district, Brainerd has limited bandwidth to support the district’s large network while simultaneously keeping Total Cost of Operation (TCO) down.


The Situation

Updating every end point manually while assisting end users is an inefficient and expensive way to operate networks, so the IT department at Brainerd needed a quick solution. In response to their bleeding budget, Brainerd rolled out Terminal Server labs to mitigate some of the setbacks they were facing. With this solution, students had access to a standardized curriculum dispersed through Terminal Services, where they received access to MS Office and web-based applications. Each student had one mandatory roaming profile and logged into their desktops the same way. Unfortunately, this solution quickly spun out of control.


The Challenge

Problems with the new labs caused it to become common place for an admin to drive up to thirty miles just to solve small printing or roaming profiles issues for users, forcing Brainerd into another tough budgetary spot.

In conjunction to the Terminal Server labs, Citrix was deployed for 80 office administrators that use a financial and student management application “With 80 clients at $40 a client per year, we were looking at nearly $3,200 a year alone on Citrix. And that was only for the administrative staff!” said the Director of Media Technology of Brainerd Public School District, “We also didn’t want to use roaming profiles because of all the issues associated with it.”

Problem Solved

With budget cuts the way they are, the savings from ScrewDrivers can create a much better Quality of Service for the district. It’s really a small price to pay to get to the point where technology can be used towards an educational means versus having to deal with technology impeding on education.
Director of Media Technologies,
Once I saw the differences made in our Terminal Servers, I knew that an application like Tricerat’s would be the icing on the cake for us. Adding Tricerat was going to help us do exactly what we needed.
Director of Media Technologies

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