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March 19, 2021

xenappblog Virtual Expo

Xenappblog Virtual Expo 2021 is fast approachingand this being Tricerat's second year in attendance, we could not be more excited! There is a fabulous line-up of presentations planned, and you do not want to miss your chance to hear from some of the best thought-leaders in the IT space on March 26th! 

Why does it make sense to treat printing and scanning like a DevOps strategy? Come to xenappblog's virtual expo to find out!

Tricerat on DevOps Print Strategy 

Here at Tricerat, we are honored to have the opportunity to present alongside so many incredible voices. Our presentation will dive into the reasons why it makes sense to treat printing and scanning as a DevOps strategy. The goals of DevOps are synonymous with efficient printing and scanning management. This is why, in our session, we will explore industry statistics about the challenges faced by IT administrators and explain how organizations can respond to customer needs and achieve business goals more effectively by leveraging print/scan management solutions that follow DevOps strategies.  

Cláudio Rodrigues on Lessons Learned from WVD

If you have the opportunity to attend Cláudio's session, you won't be disappointed. Cláudio is incredibly knowledgeable about all things IT, and his authentic and candid approach is refreshing. Cláudio has a new book coming out with the goal of teaching readers everything they need to know about Desktop-as-a-ServiceHe even dedicated a chapter of the guide to printing solutions that you can download now for free! 

At the virtual expo Cláudio will use his session to discuss the lessons learned from a real-world project building a 7000 Persistent Windows Virtual Desktop solution. He will explain the implications of scaling these solutions, or as Cláudio puts it, "when sh*t hits the fan." This is surely a session you do not want to miss!

Cameyo on Simple Application Delivery for Digital Workspaces 

As discussed in a recent blog article, the rise of remote and hybrid work creates many opportunities for organizations to grow, but yields an even bigger demand for digital workspaces that truly deliver. Cameyo provides secure application delivery for any Digital Workspace, enabling you to easily and cost-effectively deliver all your Windows and web apps from any HTML5 browser.

In this session, attendees will witness a live demo of the Cameyo platform, a step-by-step walkthrough on how to publish an application in under ten minutes, and a discussion of real-world use cases from many industries: manufacturing, education, retail, and more!  

How to Register 

Aside from gaining tons of industry knowledge, those that register for this event also have the chance to win ten $50 Amazon Gift Cards, and get the webinar replay straight to their inbox! The virtual expo is on March 26th, just one week away, so register now! 

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