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April 30, 2021

How to Streamline Healthcare Document Printing for Better Patient Intake

At Tricerat, we recognize that modern healthcare environments require the most cutting-edge technology. However, the patient intake process in hospitals is often disorganized, time-consuming, and takes staff away from what really matters: their patientsNot all hope is lost, though. There is a simple solution to this problem: streamlined printing.  

Patients' Biggest Complaints Surround Front-Office Performance 

According to a 2016 studyin the Journal of Medical Practice Management96% of patients' negative online reviews of medical practices were related to "inadequate communication, wait times, and disorganized operations." Surprisingly, only 4% had complaints about the actual medical treatment. This means healthcare organizations should prioritize front-office performance in achieving higher patient satisfaction.  

It's no secret that most front-office problems are usually related to printing. Patient intake requires the collection of consent forms, insurance, payments, and many other documents. This is why in hospitals with many new patients every day, printing problems are almost inevitable. However, printing management software is an easy solution that can have a significant impact 

Faster Turnaround Times = Happier Patients 

Tricerat's suite of enterprise printing, scanning, and user management solutions allows seamless layering onto EHR and EMR systems. This deliverquick, secure, efficient, and flexible enterprise print management solutions to healthcare environments. Our mobile-friendly printing and secure proximity printing streamline clinical workflow, so staff can bring secure printing capability to any room, floor or campus.  

We understand that patient satisfaction is at the forefront of the healthcare sector and streamlining patient document printing undoubtedly will reduce wait times and disorganization. Since these are often the biggest complaints among patients, we know print management can improve their experience at your hospital! 

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Print management cuts costs, too. 

In addition to boosting patient satisfaction, print management could also save a significant amount of money. According to Becker's Hospital Review,  "Printing is one of the higher expense categories in healthcare, yet this spending is often overlooked and unmonitored, resulting in wasteful practices and unnecessary costs." 

We are confident that Tricerat can help hospitals save paper, ink, and time. Check out our Return-on-Investment Calculator to see where your organization is incurring costs and we will help you determine the right solution to get back on track. Your patients and your budget will thank you!  

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