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November 12, 2018

Tricerat VS. PrinterLogic

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No matter how you need to print, Tricerat’s software solutions are flexible enough for any IT environment. We make printing simple and easy for administrators and end users. Unlike PrinterLogic, we work everywhere: standard workstation, virtual, or hybrid environments. Our centralized console is faster, more responsive, and easier to navigate than our competitors, and all data is kept on your premises for speed and security.

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When it comes to our competitors, none can match the flexibility and functionality of Tricerat’s solutions. We fit into any environment and immediately get to work. Our user experience is outstanding, and our support is world-class and standard with every single product.

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Tricerat really excels over PrinterLogic in virtual environments like Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft RDS.  Tricerat provides admins with a single, universal print driver so that images or application and terminal servers are not bloated with every manufacture driver that might be required by your users. Additionally, because Tricerat software uses our own patented universal print driver, we provide access to every advance feature and function of each printer. This offers best of both worlds; Admins only have to manage a single print driver on endpoints, and users are getting what they think are normal Windows printers, with all their required manufacture features. 

Conversely, PrinterLogic is software that helps manage manufacture drivers.  When using their software, admins are deploying and installing those drivers on endpoints. While this might be feasible in a general workstation environment, it is tedious and impractical for virtual environments, especially those with non-persistent machines. Tricerat saves administrators valuable time in workstation and virtual environments, and simplifies the experiences for users, while also competing with PrinterLogic pricing. 




Workstation Printing
Printers and Driver Management
Print Server Printing 
Centralized Printer Management
Client Printer Redirection
Expanded Hardware Support for Macs,Thin Clients, and Mobile
Increased Compression and Encryption
Optimized for Citrix Environments
Optimized for Microsoft RDS Environments
Optimized for Hybrid Environments

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Customer Feedback

By developing simple and effective software, Tricerat has been able to solve IT network problems for over 10,000 customers worldwide and has created many invaluable partnerships with value-added resellers, consultants, and systems integrators. 
We have critical industry alliances as a Citrix Ready Partner, Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, and VMware Technology Alliance Partner, showing that we pass their rigorous standards and work seamlessly with their products.

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Dedicated to Printing

Tricerat has been dedicated to printing for over 20 years. Our virtual driver technology, management interfaces, and advanced print features have all evolved to meet the demands of complex printing challenges. Our team of engineers are focused on consulting with administrators to provide the best possible print solution for a given environment.

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Return on Investment

When considering the return on investment for an add-on product, one must consider the efficiency gains for both IT staff and users. Users can lose valuable productivity when printing fails due to either failed printer mappings or incorrect output, requiring help desk calls or repeated work. Administrators can realize time savings through print management efficiencies and reduced help desk calls.


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Last Updated: January 30th 2019 

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