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January 21, 2022

Tricerat and IGEL Ready Program: Partner Benefits

At Tricerat, we believe in reliable, frictionless access to tools, applications and support. That's why we joined other industry leaders in integrating and validating our products through the IGEL Ready program. We're excited to guarantee our customers will be able to securely access our products from any device equipped with IGEL technology.

Tricerat x IGEL

  • One management tool.
  • Delivering optimized, simple management solutions across environments
  • Mapping printers based on IGEL end-points in drag-and-drop dashboard
  • Added as clients, assign printers based on IGEL information and sourced from active directory
  • Managing session printers coming from IGEL clients into remote desktops
  • Creating a complete management solution
  • Localized IGEL client printing, full connectivity and management options

Tricerat’s Contribution to IGEL:

Enterprise Print Management

Tricerat’s partnership with IGEL completes your print management approach across your full environment. We fully support IGEL clients, as well as network printers, in parallel. We’ve done a lot of work with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and cloud-based interfaces that fully equip administrators and end-users – even in hybrid environments.

Tricerat enhances IGEL clients with:

  • Drag and drop dashboard controls
  • Native driver support
  • Mobile printing component
  • Easy, optimized VDI interface

IGEL’s Contribution to Tricerat:

What is IGEL Ready?

A comprehensive partnership program, IGEL Ready creates a new avenue for innovation. The IGEL Ready Program offers hardware and software vendors expertise, technical, and marketing resources to build elevated technology solutions.

In short, IGEL Ready empowers vendors to test and validate products against IGEL requirements to ensure seamless integration with IGEL OS.

This means that customers can feel confident that the new hardware or software in their tech stack is fully compatible with their virtual environment. In turn, vendors gain a better product through the ability to collaborate within the partner ecosystem. Win-win.

IGEL Ready program benefits:

  • Solution showcase
  • Seamless integration
  • Enablement resources

Benefits of a Print Management Solution:

Tricerat combines print management and session management. Tricerat allows you to simplify database access for your print management solutions. You don’t need to download or install a driver, run scripts or worry about Group Policy Objects (GPOs).


  • Reduced costs
  • Functionality
  • Complete driver management
  • Advanced print features
  • Optimized performance

Tricerat & IGEL’s Contribution to You:

At Tricerat, we believe IT admins should have more time to spend on strategic and meaningful company initiatives, rather than on mundane tasks – like working through a long line of help desk tickets.

Our mission is to simplify the lives of IT administrators by automating the everyday, routine tasks associated with managing a trouble-free user experience. We deliver this to you in a unified print management solution, now elevated by our partnership with IGEL Ready.

To learn more about the partnership between Tricerat and IGEL, click below to download the full partnership guide.

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