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July 29, 2020

Tricerat + IGEL

On July 15th, 2020, IGEL, the global leader in Operating Systems for Cloud Workspaces, announced a new partnership program: IGEL Ready. The program provides an exciting opportunity for a partnership in innovation, which we at Tricerat could not be more thrilled to embrace. IGEL and Tricerat share a single vision: "to revolutionize the secure delivery of cloud workspaces to our customers."


If you're not familiar, IGEL delivers the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. The leading IGEL solutions enable a secure, manageable and cost-effective endpoint management and control platform. By launching IGEL Ready, the international software giant has granted access to its innovative approach — and advanced products — to a large ecosystem of like-minded industry leaders.

What is IGEL Ready?

A comprehensive partnership program, IGEL Ready truly creates a new avenue for innovation. IGEL Ready Program offers hardware and software vendors expertise, technical and marketing resources to build elevated technology solutions. For vendors, this means not only an expanded market reach to 17,000+ IGEL customers and 400+ resellers but also advancements in their product and service offerings.

In short, IGEL Ready empowers vendors to test and validate products against IGEL requirements to ensure seamless integration with IGEL OS. This means that customers can feel confident that the new hardware or software in their tech stack is fully compatible with their virtual environment. In turn, vendors gain a better product through the ability to collaborate within the partner ecosystem. Win-win.

IGEL Ready Program Benefits

Ultimately, IGEL Ready empowers vendors to elevate the customer experience. The benefits of the program are designed to boost solution awareness, which drives revenue; to collaborate on go-to-market campaigns, which supports innovation; and to enable the entire program with technical support.

Additional benefits include:

Solution Showcase

With 17,000+ customers and 400+ resellers, IGEL supports its partners by opening a new market. In addition, the program allows vendors to highlight their products and solutions on the IGEL Ready Showcase.

Seamless Integration

By entering the IGEL Ready Program, vendors get a stamp of IGEL approval on their products or solutions. This ensures complete interoperability between the vendors products and solutions and the IGEL systems.

Enablement Resources

Partners gain a long list of insider benefits and support: dev tools, technical support, product updates and release info. In addition, IGEL Ready makes it easy for vendors to promote their products by offering customized marketing programs and support.

Tricerat Joins IGEL Ready Program as a Technology Partner

At Tricerat, we believe in a reliable, frictionless access to tools, applications and support. That's why we joined other industry leaders in integrating and validating our products through the IGEL Ready program. With our launch of ScrewDrivers V7, this new partnership could not come at a better time. We're excited to guarantee our customers will be able to securely access our products from any device equipped with IGEL technology.

“The future of enterprise computing is in the cloud. The IGEL Ready program makes it easy for any company to deploy its applications to virtual desktops and cloud workspaces, reaching a new and relevant market and enabling world-class customer service,” said Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL. “We’re excited that Tricerat is joining our growing network of more than 90 IGEL Ready partners and being part of a new movement in the end user computing industry."

Want to learn more about the IGEL Ready ecosystem of solutions? Visit — and see if you can spot us!

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