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February 24, 2023

ScrewDrivers® Pro and Linux

The upcoming release of ScrewDrivers® v7.4 is just around the corner and contains new features, updates, and more. Let's take a look at some of the upgrades coming to Linux specifically in v7.4.

What is Linux?

For anyone that is unfamiliar, Linux is an operating system (OS) which is used as an alternative to more popular systems such as Microsoft Windows or macOS. Where Linux sets itself apart is the fact that it is an open source system which can be modified as you desire. Users who prefer Linux tend to enjoy its ease of customization and low price point. 

ScrewDrivers Pro and Linux

A new feature in ScrewDrivers 7.4 is a Linux agent that includes the ScrewDrivers Printers app. ScrewDrivers Printers is the user-facing app that allows users to see their printer assignments and add printers to their session for which they have permissions. The self-service capabilities of ScrewDrivers is an important component for providing user productivity and a dynamic print infrastructure, also providing functionality to release held or pull print jobs. 


Along with user self-service, the Linux ScrewDrivers Pro agent manages local print queues using CUPS. CUPS is a printing system which allows a computer to act as a print server. This differentiates it from the Linux Endpoint Client which is responsible for enabling existing queues to be accessed in a remote session. Instead, ScrewDrivers Pro will dynamically build a CUPS queue for any print server printer that the user has added. All local applications on the Linux desktop will be able to print to these devices which are then spooled with the ScrewDrivers virtual driver and sent to the print server for processing. 


The addition of these features extends the print management options for Linux endpoints and covers the use cases available in other platforms. From a technical standpoint, the Linux ScrewDrivers Pro agent functions similar to the updated macOS agent, managing local print queues as well as remote desktop printing. Finally, giving Linux users access to the ScrewDrivers Printers app brings the self-service and print-release abilities alongside Windows, macOS, and mobile devices. 

ScrewDrivers Pro for Linux will be available March 2023. Learn more about the capabilities of ScrewDrivers Pro today!


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