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April 15, 2022

Tricerat ScrewDrivers® Hold and Release Feature

In version 7.2, Tricerat launched a new feature into ScrewDrivers Enterprise to hold print jobs until released by the user. Sometimes referred to as Pull Printing or Print Job Hold, Hold and Release will delay sending a print job to the physical printer until specifically requested by the user. When using mobile apps, this gives the option for the user to be physically present at the printer when the print job is finalized, improving security and reducing waste. 

Example Use Cases 

Many IT environments and offices leverage shared printers in common areas. How common is it to walk up to a printer and see a stack of print jobs that came out and no one claimed? Or, print something sensitive to the printer only to find someone else already at the printer and picking it up? Hold and Release printing gives the user more control of the print process, allowing them to queue the print job in their application and determine exactly when it is released to the printer. 

In environments where there are printers local to the desktop, either in a private office or patient rooms with dedicated printers, Hold and Release should generally be left off since the desired workflow is for the print job to be released right away. 

Alternatively, printers that are in common environments can benefit greatly from this feature, where users will be present to get their printout and if they forget, paper and ink will not be wasted. Common scenarios where this feature has been requested are healthcare office environments, legal offices, manufacturing, and more.  

How it Works - Administrator Experience 

Hold and Release printing requires a ScrewDrivers Enterprise license and print server printers. Direct IP printing does not support held print jobs since the print path is directly from the desktop to the network printer. 

Admins can configure Print and Hold on an entire print server, or on individual printers. Both the ScrewDrivers Agent on the desktop and the Print Server Agent must be upgraded to 7.2.0 or higher and the option set in ScrewDrivers Administration. Once this is enabled, all user jobs will be held until released through a ScrewDrivers Printers app. 

Print jobs that are not released expire after a default 24 hours. In the Options dialog, admins can configure the job expiration time. Additionally, there is a SQL Agent task that is configured to run at a specified interval to purge expired jobs from the database. 

How it Works - User Experience 

The initial print process for a user is the same as it has been, and the same as a native print process in Windows. When a user print to a printer or print server that is configured for Hold and Release, the job will spool from the desktop, be sent to the print server, and then be held at the print server. In order for the job to be released to the printer, a user needs to open ScrewDrivers Printers for Windows, iOS, or Android. The print job will appear under the “Held Print Jobs” tab and have options for print or delete. 

ScrewDrivers 7.2 adds in a new component called the ScrewDrivers Notification App. When a user prints a print job marked as held, a notification will be displayed to the user informing them that the print job is held and action needs to be taken to release the job. This is particularly important when the feature is first enabled to walk users through the process. 


ScrewDrivers Print and Hold is a requested feature that will benefit admins in certain environments. Other enhancements are on the roadmap for 2022 with additional release mechanisms and queue redirection options. 

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