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March 13, 2019

Release Notes - 6.9: Reporting, New OU Level Restrictions


Print Job Reporting

We know how important it is for IT administrators to keep track of enterprise printing costs. So our development team has completely overhauled our print job auditing and reporting functionality. It's now even easier to view and track printing usage stats on any printer from an intuitive, Excel-like format. 

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Sample screen for the new Print Job Reporter tool

Note to our customers: Contact us for your free print job reporting license to unlock this new feature. Please note, this enhancement requires upgrading your entire environment to Suite v6.9 as it includes database changes.

Not a customer yet? You can always download the latest version of our software for a free 30 day trial.

CheckMarkBlue_50x50New Organizational Unit (OU) Level Restrictions

Now, starting with version 6.9, new permission settings are available based on Active Directory OU. Security is always a top concern, and giving users (even admins) only access to the things they need to do their job is a key factor. This new setting now will hide all OUs from Tricerat software  users that they are not a part of - only giving access to their OU and below. That means that OUs at any level will be hidden from anyone who is not a part of that OU or a super admin. 

Real world example: Are you an MSP that administers your customers' Active Directory via separate OUs? Do your customers need access to the AD you set up for them to manage their own printers? Now, this new feature makes sure that your other customers' data is protected by allowing all other OUs to be hidden.

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CheckMarkBlue_50x50Updated: License Server

In order to provide the best experience possible, we have upgraded our license server. If you have older versions of Tricerat's software installed, before installing the latest version, your Tricerat Licensing Server must be upgraded to v5.1.0 or later. This will help avoid license checkout issues. For instructions on how to upgrade your license server, find them here.

CheckMarkBlue_50x50Improvements and Fixes

Various other improvements and fixes were implemented in our latest release, such as reduced memory footprints, printer building time has been decreased in some cases, a more tolerant 72-hour grace period for licenses, and improvements to our proxy connections to internal print servers. Read the release notes for all of the items and full details

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