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June 4, 2015

How to Provide Users With Advanced Print Features in VDI Environments


Any Environment, Any Printer, With Access to What Your Users Need

One of the disadvantages of most universal print drivers is that you don't get access to all the features of functionalities of the printers themselves. In this scenario, users aren't provided with the full experience they should have and are left to use what UPD dictates as advanced features.

Tricerat software works differently.  Our universal print driver enables users to access every feature and function of every printer at work, without having to install drivers on any end points, ever. As a result, the user is provided with an easy and  uninterrupted experience. 

Better for Admins and Users

Tricerat's solution, Simplify Printing with Advanced Print Features, creates a a flawless work experience for users and admins.  Admins only need a single, universal driver to manage and deploy to endpoints like workstations, applications, terminal servers, and/or VDI gold images.  End users get what looks and feels like a normal Windows printers, complete with all required advance print features. 

Because of how we developed our driverless technology, printers deployed with Simplify Printing display any MFP's native UI. This means that staff gets to interact with their printers as they normally would, minimizing frustration and maximizing efficiency. 

Increased Flexibility for Users and Admins

New to Simplify Printing version 6.8 and above, default settings for advanced print features for printers can now be set by admins or by individual users.  Default settings can be set and locked by admins so printers always return to those settings, or each user can decide what's best for their individual needs.  This provides more flexibility to Simplify Printing, allowing us to work with what you, as the admin, decides is best for your environment. Watch it in action: 


More About Simplify Printing 

Simplify Printing is an enterprise-ready printing solution that enables you to manage all of your printer configurations, eliminate printing issues with our universal printer driver and assign print jobs from one central, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop console. These added advanced printing features give access to the extended capabilities of the printer while still using a virtual print driver on the terminal server. Our print management software helps you monitor, troubleshoot and solve common printing problems within your Citrix, Microsoft RDS or VMware environment.


See It In Action

Our mission is to give administrators the tools they need for easier enterprise print management, and to give user access to the tools and feature they need. Watch a demo today to see how Tricerat software steps up to meet your organizations unique needs quickly and efficiently. 

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Last Edited: April 26 2019

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