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February 27, 2018

Printing For Healthcare

Printing for Healthcare

Printing is necessary for all business, but when it comes to healthcare, it is critical. Not only does it need to work, but it also needs to be quick, secure, efficient, and flexible enough to work with EHR and EMR systems. Healthcare teams are always on the move, and they must ensure they are printing securely each time.

With employee productivity and patient satisfaction at the forefront of this sector, it is important that printing support this mission, not slow it down. Tricerat helps save time and money by relieving everyday printing issues for any environment, which increases user productivity and cuts down on IT-related costs, without interrupting day-to-day operations.

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Proximity Based:

With workers always on the move, it’s a challenge to ensure the correct printer is available to the necessary users at the appropriate times. Keeping patient data secure is an added layer of management complexity specific to healthcare users.

Proximity printing is the solution to this problem. It allows the administrator to assign printers based on client name or IP address, and offers flexibility for the user, because the right printer is always available for use. As staff frequent different room, floors, and campuses, they can bring their ability to print with them, and cut out printing errors that could cause HIPAA breaches.

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Mobile-Friendly Printing:

Unforeseen circumstances are common in the healthcare industry, and printing technology must be able to keep up. The ability to print from a mobile device, with high flexibility are invaluable in an ever-changing workplace. With Simplify Printing TX, users can print from any device to any printer, including on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows devices, with no driver installation required.

With TX, print jobs are initiated from a desktop and released from a mobile device once at the printer’s location, which is a convenience and necessary to further protect healthcare companies from HIPAA breaches. Additionally, users have the ability to print directly from a device or business application, with no need to load files into printer software or on the cloud in order to print. With the ability to print from their mobile devices, healthcare workers get the flexibility they need to complete tasks as efficiently as possible, without losing time or resources to printing difficulties.

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Centralized Management, Streamlined UX, All Environments:

Our printing, scanning, and user management solutions are built for your needs. Each of our solutions layers seamlessly on top of Citrix Virtual Desktops, VMware Horizon, and/or Microsoft RDS environments. By simplifying the tools associated with managing printing, the admin and user experience are simplified in turn. We have made it easy to add and remove printers, assign users, troubleshoot, report, and more, all from a single centralized console.

Which solution is right for your needs?

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