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U.S. Health Benefits Company

ScrewDrivers® eliminates print issues, saving a leading U.S. Health Benefits Company an estimated 37.5% of their IT admins’ time.


1,000 users
30 Citrix servers
20 other servers for testing, development, and staging
Running EHR/ERM clinical application NextGen


Print documents quickly and efficiently
Users can identify and access correct printers 
Reduced amount of support calls 
Time returned to IT admins and users 

About the Company

A leading health benefits company in the United States is dedicated to providing innovative and attentive healthcare approaches to the complex issues of aging. Their IT administrator oversees their entire Citrix environment and the infrastructure supporting their primary clinical application, NextGen.


The Situation

The company’s IT admin is responsible for managing 30 Citrix servers and over 20 other servers that are used in other capacities, such as testing, development, and staging. There are approximately 1,000 users, including physicians, who run the NextGen EHR/EPM application. All users need to print prescriptions, reports, and letters to patients in an efficient and timely manner.


The Challenge

Running NextGen presented numerous printing problems within the organization’s complex environment. Because of this, the company created a homegrown printing workaround, which eventually proved to be inefficient. Their solution involved a group policy object (GPO) and user profile management. With a rapidly growing user population, it became unmanageable. Print jobs were slow, and in some cases, users were waiting as long as 5 minutes for a document to print. The company calculated that they were losing thousands of dollars in wasted time each month. Knowing that it was a detriment to the company to be wasting valuable budget on printing issues, their IT admin sought after a solution.

Problem Solved

Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers is a great solution for solving Citrix printing issues and will pay for itself quickly. We are confident it will scale as we grow.
IT Administrator, Leading US. Health Benefits Company

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