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Cabrini Health

Tricerat software improves Cabrini Health’s user experience and operational efficiencies.


700+ beds
6 locations
3,800 employees
130 servers 


Improved stability 
No more print spoolers crashing 
Ease of printer identification for users 
Reduced support cost and effort 
Eliminated print driver installs and management 

About Cabrini Health

Cabrini Health is an Australian, not-for-profit healthcare service with 3,800 employees and over 700 beds comprising at the time of this study. Their healthcare system includes two acute care hospitals, a palliative care service, rehabilitation hospital, residential care facility, and pharmacy department. Each department has varying staff, IT, and compliance requirements, making proper network management a complex task.


The Situation

Before ScrewDrivers, printing issues experienced by Cabrini Health users was an annoying, but generally accepted fact of life. These issues could be resolved by the end users calling in to the help desk, which solved problems by doing things like restarting a print spooler. However, the IT department thought there must be a way to solve these headaches without breaking the bank. After installing Simplify Printing, printing issues vanished overnight, freeing up employee time to focus on the business of healthcare.

Cabrini Health’s IT department is responsible for the daily operation of the server, network, application, and help desk infrastructures. This team of 25 employees manages 130 servers that cover production, configuration, and testing. Most of these servers are Microsoft servers, and Exchange Windows for application and/or software-based needs. Cabrini Health also uses Citrix XenApp in support of remote employees and published applications.


The Challenge

Cabrini Health faced printing problems in their Oncology Management Application, which is an ordering system for chemotherapy treatment. Each treatment or drug chart required a hard copy with a signature that could come from any one of 40 remote doctors using the application. In order to facilitate patients’ treatment, doctors need to print on demand and from their current location. The impact of ineffective printing could affect Cabrini’s reputation as well as heighten the risks associated with regulatory compliance.

Chemtronics, a Cabrini Health subsidiary, has employees working remotely using any printer of their choice. As a result, print spoolers crashed on a regular basis and as users would log into other Terminal Servers, further server congestion resulted. Load balancing proved ineffectual and the help desk was bombarded with server crashes and support calls. Server migrations were also a concern. In order to upgrade to the latest Windows and Citrix server platforms, all remote users required seamless, uninterrupted printing access and support during this upgrade.

Problem Solved

Tricerat is the best choice in the industry. Tricerat’s pricing, configuration options, and support are incredible.
Cabrini Health
Tricerat is the best choice in the industry. Tricerat’s pricing, configuration options, and support are incredible.
Cabrini Health

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