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July 13, 2018

OM Plus and Simplify Printing

Combining OM Plus and Simplify Printing to Streamline and Confirm Printing for Critical Documents


OM Plus And Simplify Printing®

Plus Technologies and Tricerat have several mutual customers that need to streamline their Citrix printing process. For that reason, the organizations have ensured their products work seamlessly together to create a robust enterprise print solution for printing business critical documents. The combined solution provides features that ease print administration and offer flawless print delivery.

The Need For Output Management

There are many benefits to using Terminal Services, VDI, or XenApp in your business’ computing environment. However, these platforms are not optimized to ensure printing of critical enterprise documents and do not address the potential impact on productivity. These platforms rely on native spooling systems that do not possess advanced printing capabilities that allows for real-time bi-direction communication with a printer. Not only that, the nature of these documents dictates greater complexity and error mitigation for system administrators.

Whether you’re printing a batch of checks, statements, invoices, labels, patient wristbands, or patient records, nothing can go wrong. Software that provides a complete audit trail and elegant document recovery and delivery is vital to your company and to the customers you serve.

  • OM Plus manages, monitors and delivers print jobs to printers, ensuring each page is successfully printed to the right printer, every time so that print related business processes complete without interruption.
  • Tricerat's Simplify Printing is a robust solution that builds printer queues from print servers to all user workspaces and allows users to take their locally connected printers into remote sessions.


How does OM Plus work?

OM Plus runs in conjunction with Simplify Printing on the print server. Simplify Printing sends the print jobs to the Windows queue/driver and OM Plus collects the rendered job on the back side of the driver. OM Plus also gets the user name when available, so it can augment the print job data. It works to process and deliver the job to the printer while maintaining a connection with the printer during the entire print process. OM Plus continually receives feedback from the printer on the status of the document on a page-by-page basis. This way, OM Plus can keep track of where every page is, in relation to the printing process until the document is in the output tray.

Should an interruption occur, OM Plus can automatically re-start the job on the next page, avoiding costly errors and the aggravation of having to start over. The software then notifies administrators of the print problem and/or redirects the job to an alternate printer. OM Plus also has the ability to capture audit data, bringing full circle the idea of elegant print recovery and delivery.  

How does Tricerat's Simplify Printing work?

Microsoft/Citrix users log on to a server, which then maps printer definitions to what it finds installed on the user’s workstation/thin client. The end user creates a print job on the server and submits it for printing. The server then transmits the job back to the workstation/thin client where it is submitted to the locally defined printer. All print data is compressed to ensure speedy and seamless delivery. Simplify Printing uses a print server agent that automatically maps network printers to Terminal Services/Citrix, based on a certain set of conditions such as group membership, client IP, client computer name, or server etc.

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The below diagram shows an example architecture when using OM Plus and Tricerat’s Simplify Printing process.



The combined OM Plus and Simplify Printing solution makes printing easier to manage and takes advantage of all the OM Plus advanced features.

  • Confirming that mission critical print jobs actually land in the output tray allowing the business process to successfully complete.
  • Reducing print down time and lag time by automatically failing over to an alternate printer if the primary printer is unavailable using business rules.
  • Bursts or bundles print jobs to improve distribution to the appropriate destination.
  • Intelligently routing print jobs based on job meta-data like title, user, destination etc.
  • Reducing or eliminating print driven process bottlenecks via printer load balancing.
  • Managing delivery of print jobs from Citrix/Terminal Services, UNIX/Linux, hot folders, others, to print, fax, email, ftp, archive, web.
  • Implement toner saving strategies.
  • Ability to identify, track and analyze the “who, what, when, where” of printing activity.
  • Ability to utilized OM Plus’ Advanced Print Job Management and Delivery functionality in Citrix/Terminal Services print server environment.
  • Remove printer driver issues.
  • Eliminate print function crashes.
  • Retain familiar printer environment names, look and feel.
  • Free up network bandwidth with print compression, streaming, throttling.
  • Reduce printer support effort and associated cost.
  • Boost productivity and organization by providing seamless printing.
  • Increase server performance/reliability by eliminating spooler crashes.

Read Customer Success Stories

The solutions from Plus Technologies and Tricerat have helped many healthcare organizations that rely on EHR /EMRs software such as Epic or McKesson through significant savings and improvement in their print workflows.  These solutions help customers in all industries extend their print infrastructure capabilities. Whether it’s enhancing the overall user print experience, increasing productivity, confirming document delivery or simply improving reliability, all industries can benefit greatly from implementing these solutions.

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About Plus Technologies

Plus Technologies provides enterprise output management and print software to customers including corporations, government and healthcare organizations. Many of our customers are leaders in their field and are listed in the Fortune 500. Plus Technologies’ solutions are based on the “OM Plus Software Suite”. Each software product can stand on its own or can be integrated with the other OM Plus software products, as needed, to solve unique document related business problems. 

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About Tricerat

Tricerat software solves the mundane computer tasks that are necessary to keep today’s application delivery environments running.

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Maybe it’s the time-consuming user profile problems that plague System Administrators or the run-of-the-mill printing problems in your office that bring user productivity to a halt. Tricerat’s software simplifies the work of Administrators and ensures the time your employees spend at their computer is productive. Contact us today to learn more!

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