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May 6, 2015

Meet Ron: Tricerat's Rock Star Engineer

Meet Ron, he’s a rock star senior support engineer at Tricerat who has a serious desk tchotchke collection. After working with Tricerat for more than four years, he’s earned his senior role and works every day to better our product experience. Read more to see which knick-knack is Ron’s favorite, and why family holidays always feel like work.

My responsibilities at Tricerat…
  • Internal and external product training
  • Product demos
  • Product support
  • Do’ing (I like getting things done)
Three objects on my desk…
  • A remote control helicopter
  • A foosball table
  • A portrait of Cosmo Kramer. This was the first thing I put up in my workspace, our CEO John loved it.
The first device I reach for in the morning…
My computer, I start working almost immediately.
After arriving at Tricerat in the morning, my first stop is…
My desk, my home base—I don't like coffee. I prefer diving straight into problem solving.
How long have you worked for Tricerat?
I have been with the company for four and a half years.
 I leave work each day knowing I have …
Provided exceptional service to my customers. I enjoy the variety that this sort of job has to offer; every day at Tricerat is different.
Any industry hazards?
People assume I work in technology based on my appearance. Family holidays and social outings tend to turn into support sessions for my friends and family who think I can fix their computers. Have you tried turning it on?
Which Tricerat product is your favorite and why?
Simplify Scanning. I think it’s a really interesting product— we are alone and unique in the market and there are a lot of personal uses for it. Schedule a demo here.
If I could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive…
Ron keeps us fun with his party-animal attitude and colorful desk décor, but that’s not all. He’s working to support some of the coolest tech we have seen in our industry. Learn more about the support and services Ron devotes his time too, and get in touch with our team by writing to
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