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November 20, 2015

Meet Liz: Tricerat's Financial Referee

Meet Liz, she is a staff accountant on our finance team here at Tricerat. Liz joined us more than two years ago and is invaluable when it comes to keeping our finances in line and on time. Although she loves crunching numbers and working on 'the books,' Liz also finds time to do the other things she loves: traveling, gardening, cooking, reading and spending time on the beach. 

Tell us about your background:

I’ve lived in various cities but I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and graduated from New York University.

Three objects on your desk...

  • My pictures of Maui because of the beaches, its geological formations and its mystical atmosphere.
  • My croton (plant) because it is tropical and reminds me of my time in Florida.
  • My cup for my tea…most important to jump start my day.

The first device you reach for in the morning…

The first thing that I do in the morning is turn on my computer. I like to respond to any emails that I may have received from my overseas customers because they are 5-6 hours ahead of us. I like to reach out to them before they go home for the day.

After arriving at Tricerat in the morning, my first stop is…

My desk (my tropical paradise).

I leave work each day knowing I have...

...done my best for my team and clients…and it is a good feeling.

If I could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive…

  • My uncle who was a valuable source of information, adventurous, inspirational and just fun to be with!
  • Mark Harmon because he is my favorite actor.
  • President Obama because I would like to thank him for all the work he has done to turn this country around in spite of all the obstacles. I would also like to apologize for all the insults and bad behavior that he had to endure from Congress.

Any last words to live by?

Carpe diem!

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