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February 29, 2016

Meet Faisal: Tricerat's 'Unplanned Feature' Finder

Meet Faisal. He's one of the reasons that our product works every single time you use it. He's constantly on the lookout for 'unplanned features' (aka product bugs). He’s one of the best quality assurance engineers on our QA team here at Tricerat. He spends his days putting our products through the ringer so that they are reliable for our customers. Faisal joins us from Dhaka, Bangladesh where he earned his Bachelor’s in CSE at Stamford University Bangladesh. When he’s not hunting unplanned features, he enjoys spending time with his wife whom he married in 2011, reading novels and watching sci-fi, adventure and comedy movies.

What are three things you’re responsible for as a senior QA engineer?

I make sure the product is bug-free and reliable on the customer end. That requires me to create custom test environments similar to the customer’s experience to make sure the product is being tested even when it’s modified for different admins. I also perform regression testing to make sure the software isn’t retroactively affected by a fix I have performed.

Three objects on your desk...

I don’t like distractions, and you can see that in my décor choice. Just the items I need to do my job well!

The first device you reach for in the morning…

My cell phone, to snooze the alarm.

After arriving at Tricerat in the morning, your first stop is…

I head right to my desk to get started on work. Our products won’t test themselves!

How long have you worked for Tricerat?

I joined Tricerat back in 2012 as a QA tester. I just celebrated my four-year anniversary at Tricerat. I love it here.

Any milestones or accomplishments?

A new protocol (PCoIP) came to Tricerat for testing against our products and I was able to set up the environment for the PCoIP testing and we have been doing it since. We have got couple of big customers who actually use this protocol and look for the QA tested software their PCoIP environment.

I leave work each day knowing I have…

Done my job in the best way possible for my team and clients. It’s a great feeling.

Describe your most common IT headache...

Automatic updates seem to run when you are in a hurry or need to access something quickly. How many times have you restarted your computer or any of your virtual machines for a necessary reason and Windows starts to install the updates and keeps you sit idle for a while?

Which Tricerat product is your favorite and why?

Screwdrivers. It is the best of all the fine products Tricerat has and a lot of amazing features have been added to this in the past years.

If you could have dinner with any two people…

My father, he passed away back in 2005 and David Copperfield, I'm a huge fan of his illusions.

Any last words?

I always try to be happy and enjoy my life with everyone around me. You never know, it might be the last few moments I am living right now so there is no place to feel sorry or go down with the mistakes I have made in my life but to stand against all odds with a smiley face and deal with it.

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