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June 19, 2017

Meet Michael: Tricerat's Programming Whiz


Michael blog photo

Meet Michael L., he's the guy who works behind the scenes building and managing the incredible features that make Tricerat products the best in the industry. Michael is a hometown hero who joined the Tricerat team after studying math and computer science at local honors university, UMBC. Fun fact: he enjoyed his studies at UMBC so much that he decided to stay on to obtain a master's degree in computer science. His passion for building software and problem solving brought him to our door, and we feel very lucky to have him. Although he is a brilliant developer, Michael's positive and helpful attitude is what makes him shine at Tricerat. When he's not building software or guest blogging for Tricerat, Michael likes to play video games with his girlfriend who lives more than 8,000 miles away in South Africa.

What are three things you’re responsible for as a software developer?

Many people know that software developers build features for software, which is a major part of my job. However, a significant amount of time is also devoted to helping customers with cases. When a customer calls Tricerat with any kind of question or issue, our support team takes the case. Most of the time our knowledgeable support team answers the question or fixes the issue, but if they are unable to, the case is escalated to us developers and we work together with the support tech assigned to the case. If we are unable to solve the issue with knowledge alone, then my third responsibility as a developer is to alter the code to fix the issue.

Three objects on your desk...

A couple of plants and a green backdrop to add some green color to my desk to make it feel like a forest. I also keep a water bottle full of ice cold water to stay hydrated and picture of me with my girlfriend in South Africa. We're joined in the picture by a lemur standing on our heads, it was taken when we visited the Cango Wildlife Ranch.

The first device you reach for in the morning…

My laptop to see if my girlfriend messaged me while I was asleep. Due to our time zones, her day is ending by the time I wake up.

After arriving at Tricerat in the morning, your first stop is…

My email to see if anyone needs my help

How long have you worked for Tricerat?

I have worked at Tricerat five years and am enjoying it every day. I am especially looking forward to a new feature that is about to be released that I have worked on called Advanced Print Features Direct that I hope everyone will enjoy.

"I leave work each day knowing I have ____________ for my team and clients…"

Done my best work.

Your favorite Tricerat product?

Simplify Printing  would be my favorite product because I have gotten to extensively work on our Advanced Print Features. This feature achieves amazing things that you won't see anywhere else and I have had the privilege to work on it quite a bit. I have even built a new setting for the feature called Advanced Print Features Direct that I think many people will enjoy!

What trend in your industry are you most excited/interested to try or use?

I am really excited about virtual reality glasses. As an avid video gamer I have always wanted that technology to exist and in the last couple years the industry has made enormous strides. I am also excited about 3D printing.

If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive…

My mom, my girlfriend and my cat Riku as they are the "people" who support me.

Any last words?

Make sure you spend the time and energy to improve anything you notice can be improved.

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