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October 15, 2019

Does Your Hospital Need Centralized Printer Management?

More often than not, hospitals are burdened with inefficient and outdated print management strategies that cut into budget and cause IT issues across multiple sites and campuses. Care providers should be worrying about patient care instead of printing. With centralized printer management software they can focus on what matters, instead of wasting valuable time.

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HIPAA Compliance

Printing, especially for hospitals, can be tricky as nurses and doctors roam rooms, levels, buildings, or sometimes campuses. When staff are on the move, it's easy to print to the wrong location. Not only an inconvenience, this causes a serious HIPAA violation risk.

With the right centralized printer management solution, HIPAA pressures can be alleviated. Through accurate and automatic printer selection, the risk of a compliance breaching via misprint is virtually impossible. Further, the right software should come with server encryption to prevent any intrusive invasion into patient's PHI or other sensitive information. Print management doesn't just make providers' lives easier, it also helps hospitals stay HIPAA compliant and avoid non-compliance fees.


Reducing total cost of care

Printing errors can be costly — especially in hospitals. This cost can come in the form of misprints, compliance breaches mentioned above and unavailable IT administrators.

Misprints add up in the form of physical resources, and they also take up care providers' time — which isn't cheap. Non-compliance fees stemming from misprints can cripple hospitals. (Average HIPAA penalties costed over $2,500,000 in 2018.) Finally, when IT administrators are stuck putting out printing fires rather than fixing real issues can be costly as well. They should be making sure that their hospital's tech is running smoothly — not tracking down lost Protected Health Information.

Print management solutions save hospitals on tangible and intangible costs. Not only does a solution prevent resources from being wasted, it protects both care provider's and IT administrator's time. With a centralized printer management solution, hospitals can save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by eliminating this costly overhead. Further, hospitals' staff and patients will enjoy a heightened experience due to saved time reallocated.GradientLine

Create a better experience for care providers

Healthcare organizations run more efficiently when employees can focus on what matters. Care providers should be able to keep their attention on the needs of their patients, not on trivial tasks like dealing with printing. The same is true for administrators. When staff can focus on higher-level issues, they have a better day-to-day experience and add to the overall productivity of the organization.

With centralized printer management both care providers and IT administrators can harmonize in their working relationships. The hospital's technology will perform as it should while its patients receive heightened care.

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Provide The Best Patient Experience

Provide the best possible patient care with a solution that:

  • Dynamically configures printers for care providers
  • Can provide centralized mapping
  • Protects the organization's HIPAA compliance
  • Allows printing from virtual desktops, physical desktops and mobile devices
  • Frees up IT administrators and help desks
  • Saves money

With Centralized Printer Management, when care providers travel through multiple buildings and departments, they will have access to the nearest printer based on their credentials and terminal. Printers can be automatically paired with the correct users, allowing them to move seamlessly throughout the hospital campus without worrying about selecting printers. Care providers will be guaranteed the necessary resources to provide the best possible patient care.

To learn more about how a centralized printer management solution can help save money, check out our ROI calculator.

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