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March 5, 2021

Interview with Cláudio Rodrigues

Cláudio Rodrigues has established himself as a well-respected thought leader in the IT space. His deep knowledge of the industry was apparent in his last book, RDS: The Complete Guideand we expect nothing less in the release of his new book, DaaS: The Complete GuideWith a chapter dedicated to Tricerat's solutions in each of these bookswe were eager to sit down with Cláudio to discuss his inspiration for the new guidehear about his writing process, next projects, predictions for 2021, and advice for IT teams.  

Technical Information, Human Approach

In a world of misinformation and sensationalism highly driven by profit, honest and truthful pieces of information are increasingly hard to come byAfter our conversation with Cláudio, it's clear that this will not be an issue in his new book. He explains that he has no ulterior motive in the release of this project, and he honestly wants to share with readers the IT solutions he believes work best. With no comprehensive resource out there and only a few YouTube videos and articles that are "all over the place," missing information, and lacking quality, Cláudio aimed to make this book a "one-stop-shop" that clearly describes everything the user needs to know. Totaling nearly 1,000 pages, DaaS: The Complete Guide is certainly the encyclopedic resource he wanted it to be 

While the book is highly technical, Cláudio makes it a point to use language that can be easily understood, ensuring that anyone can pick it up and learn. He points out that when readers don't feel connected to the material or the author, they don't get as much out of the experience or absorb nearly as much informationThis is why readers of DaaS: The Complete Guide will not only discover comprehensive solutions but will be greeted with intelligible explanations and even some emojis sprinkled along the way :)  

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A Consumer-Oriented Market 

Here at Tricerat, we were eager to hear about Claudio's next projectChuckling, he replied that he wants to wait and see where things move in the industry for a little while. However, he recognized a need for more consumer-oriented products, rather than the creation of more enterprise level materials. "The reality is," he explained, "a lot of people don't even know how to install Dropbox. You can't assume that users know how to navigate everything on their own. There is definitely a market for simplifying applications for consumers."  

And this is true. With so many people now working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating personal and work machines, employees are forced to simultaneously be consumers and end users in a professional world. Cláudio is aware of this issue and believes that there is a significant market for simplifying applications for consumers. He can see himself creating consumer versionof his books in the futureas the need is clearly present  

WVD in 2021 

When asked if this year will be the year of WVD, Cláudio explains that Windows Virtual Desktop is just like any other desktop service. However, the benefit is that it is a Microsoft-owned solution. This will help small to medium-sized environments and could take those organizations one step closer to being fully cloud-based. But WVD is not a perfect system, facing complexities when deployed at large scale enterprises, and having a less-than-ideal pricing model. The pricof WVD increases as the use of gigabytes increasesCláudio joked, "WVD is like if Netflix charged you for every minute that you watch a movie." Although WVD does not solve all of its users' problems, he is still confident that 2021 will be an overall good year for the service. 

Self-Education Crucial to Success  

To wrap up our conversation with Claudio, we asked what advice he has for IT teams during this new era of working from home. "Do your homework," he replied, stressing the fact that people cannot assume working from home will be the same as working from the office. He gives the example that when something breaks, workers can no longer talk to IT and get a replacement within a couple hours. "IT can't come to your house," Cláudio said. When products like printers break, employees have to buy a new one on their own that may not be compatible with their WVD environment if they are not informedThis is why it is crucial to research common issues involving provider printing, application installation, and management.  

Cláudio also emphasized the value of taking time to find the tools that will "make your life easier" and save time, even if it means spending a little more money up front. "I'm not talking adding $100,000 to your budget," he says, but buying tools that allow users to stop wasting resources and begin spending time on meaningful work is always worth the investment in his eyes. After all, the simplest solutions often have the most superior outcomes.  

To watch the full sit down interview with Cláudio, click below. 

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