Eliminate your print servers

Reduce costs and overhead by eliminating your print servers for workstation printing

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Save time, cut expenses

Reduce network bandwidth consumption, lower costs, and reduce support staff needed

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With a very simple plug and play install, it’s easy to provide users with seamless printing

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Assign printers through Active Directory or IP range

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We offer Simplify Driver Management, a solution that works seamlessly with our other products, to achieve the results you want: eliminate print driver management, eliminate print servers, reduce expenses, centralize print management, and streamline UX.

Eliminate print servers for workstation printing, while also eliminating print driver management

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One console to manage enterprise printing

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Fits to any existing environment, and layers in seamlessly with our other solutions


Tricerat's Simplify Driver Management

  • Eliminate print servers

    Improve your bottom line by eliminating print servers from your environment. Supports direct IP printing and virtual environments.

  • Simplified native driver management

    Our printer driver software platform automatically utilizes native printer drivers, making workstation printing effortless. This technology eliminates the need for administrators to manage print drivers on individual machines.

  • Drag and drop console

    As part of the Simplify Suite, Simplify Driver Management allows you to manage workstation printing from an integrated admin console.


  • Efficiency for workstation printing

    Route traffic directly from workstations to printers, reducing network utilization and making printing faster for your users.

  • Active Directory or IP assignments

    Assign printers in the way that makes sense for your situation. Simplify Driver Management allows for printer assignment via Active Directory or a specified IP range. Deploy printers quickly and with control.

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