Simply Streamlined Scanning

Scanning documentation is a great way to comply with retention and disposal policies while saving and digitizing access to information. Whether you have one person, one team, or an entire organization that needs seamless scanning, Tricerat’s Simplify Scanning software streamlines this normal business function.

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Eliminate Drivers, And The Hassle

We created our scanning solution because we saw firsthand some of the difficulties our customers faced when dealing with scanners, scanner drivers, and scanning applications.
These issues can be persistent, time-consuming, and direct resources away from other, more paramount tasks. Commonly, system administrators face incompatible scanner drivers, unsupported drivers and applications, software upgrades for multiple clients, and more. With Simplify Scanning, drivers are eliminated and the hassle is eliminated along with them.

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 Simplify Scanning Key Features:

 Eliminates Server Driver Management
  • All functionality passes through Simplify Scanning’s virtual channel, making it more stable and easier to manage
Provides Superior Client Device Recognition
  • All functions of the scanner are sent to the terminal server
 Allows Full Scanning Functionality
  • Removes the need for admins to create ‘artificial’ drivers. All advanced scan features such as duplex, color, resolution, paper source, etc., are available to users.
Updates Automatically
  • The server automatically detects and update clients, no need to reinstall.
Supports Scan Applications
  •  Works with any TWAIN-enabled server application and is compatible with all Tricerat products. It also supports 32 or 64-bit client servers, and hybrid environments.
Simplifies Licensing
  • All Tricerat licensing models are server-based, so license administration for multiple users is simple.


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Simplify scanning works in any environment: Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, or hybrid. With a simple set-up, intuitive plug-and-play management console, and up to 10x faster scanning, it takes the obstacles of out managing scanning. Get the tool you need to improve speed and efficiency in remote scanning sessions and stop losing time to trivial driver issues.

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