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July 27, 2023

Simplify Your Printing Experience in VMware Horizon 8 with ScrewDrivers®

Discover the future of virtual desktop infrastructure at VMware Explore in Las Vegas this August! As a proud sponsor and exhibitor, Tricerat invites attendees to explore ScrewDrivers, our innovative print management software designed to enhance printing workflows within VMware Horizon 8 environments.  

With our upcoming sponsorship of this industry-leading event, it’s a great time to look at how our ScrewDrivers print management platform embraces and extends your printing experience within VMware Horizon 8.   

VMwareHorizon8BlogGraphicv3VMware Horizon 8 is a powerful virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform that enables seamless remote work and boosts productivity. However, for all of the ease and flexibility that Horizon 8 provides for users, it can cause serious headaches for IT staff when it comes to printing. To address this, businesses often turn to third-party print management solutions like ScrewDrivers. 

Why integrate ScrewDrivers with VMware Horizon 8? Let's explore its benefits: 

Centralized Print  Management 

ScrewDrivers offers centralized control over print devices, drivers, and queues within VMware Horizon 8. Unlike traditional setups where configuring printers for each virtual desktop can be cumbersome, a centralized approach simplifies administration and ensures consistent printing across the entire VDI environment. IT teams can efficiently manage print policies, troubleshoot issues, and ensure a seamless experience for end-users. 

Universal Printing Support


Printers come in various makes and models, and each may require specific drivers to function correctly. With ScrewDrivers' universal virtual print driver, there's no need for individual printer drivers on each virtual desktop. This streamlined approach allows users to print from any device, reducing complexities and improving the stability of the virtual environment. 

Enhanced Security

Data security is crucial for any organization, and printing from virtual desktops can present vulnerabilities. While VMware Horizon 8 has inherent security features built into their RDP, ICA, and PCoIP protocols, ScrewDrivers adds an additional level of security by encrypting all print jobs with TLS 1.2 end to end to ensure a more secure data transfer. Additionally, ScrewDrivers uses the full power of the active directory to ensure the right user has the right printer and can utilize IP ranges as a solution for proximity printing to ensure that users don’t print to the incorrect printer by accident, thus ensuring sensitive data remains secure.  

Optimized User Experience

VMwareHHorizon8BlogGraphicv1Printing delays and performance issues can hinder productivity and frustrate end-users. ScrewDrivers optimizes the print process within VMware Horizon 8, leading to faster and more reliable printing. Seamless printer integration and simplified configurations result in improved user satisfaction and increased work efficiency. Better log-on times, self-service of printing, and simple printer selection for the right printer at the right time are all benefits your users will experience. ScrewDrivers extends deployments of VMware Horizon and integrates printing access and control with the full scope of application platform and delivery methods. 

To learn more about how ScrewDrivers embraces and extends your VMware Horizon environment, click below to download our white paper.  

Download the White Paper

Attending VMware Explore in Las Vegas? Join us at booth #221 and together, let's step into the future of virtual desktop infrastructure! 

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