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August 10, 2023

Five Advantages of ScrewDrivers® Print Management in VMware Horizon

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions like VMware Horizon have redefined modern workspaces by enabling remote productivity and fortified security. However, effective print management within such environments can be a complicated matter. Many organizations turn to third-party print management solutions, such as Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers, for optimized results.  

Prior to embracing a third-party print management solution, it's essential to grasp your organization's distinct print management requirements. Factors such as user count, desktop and application delivery, printer variations, and compliance obligations should shape your strategy. By identifying these needs, you'll be better positioned to tailor ScrewDrivers to your objectives, fostering operational efficiency and control. 

Here are five advantages of deploying ScrewDrivers print management software in your VMware Horizon environment:  

1. Efficient Installation Across Virtual Desktops and Endpoints 

ScrewDrivers stands out for its seamless installation process across virtual desktops and endpoints. This ease of deployment minimizes disruption to your workflow and accelerates the integration of print resources. Regardless of the complexity of your virtual infrastructure, ScrewDrivers ensures a swift and hassle-free implementation. 

2. Advanced Management Interface 

Print Management InterfaceA significant advantage of ScrewDrivers lies in its sophisticated management interface. This interface empowers administrators with granular control over print policies, printer configurations, and user access. Through an intuitive dashboard, you can effortlessly manage printers and drivers, ensuring consistent print experiences across all virtual desktops. 

3. Robust Print Methods 

ScrewDrivers offers an array of robust print methods, including client-based, print server-based, and serverless printing. This diversity caters to various organizational needs, ensuring optimal print performance. Whether you're working with a distributed workforce or managing high-volume print environments, ScrewDrivers' adaptable print methods have you covered. 

4. Best-in-Class Remote Printing 

Remote PrinterRemote printing is a cornerstone of ScrewDrivers' capabilities, enabling users to print documents from virtual desktops to local printers, regardless of their location. This feature eliminates geographical barriers and fosters productivity. Users can confidently execute print jobs from remote locations, streamlining workflows and enhancing overall efficiency. In short: print from any device, in any location, to any printer.  

5. Comprehensive Enterprise Features

ScrewDrivers doesn't stop at the basics; it offers a plethora of advanced features that cater to enterprise requirements. Reporting functionalities allow administrators to monitor print activities, track usage, and optimize resources. Profiles enable tailored print configurations for specific user groups, enhancing personalization. The cloud connector facilitates seamless print management across distributed environments. 

Tricerat's ScrewDrivers is a dynamic solution to the complicated challenges of print management in VMware Horizon environments. By aligning your print management strategy with your organization's needs, embracing ScrewDrivers' easy installation, leveraging its advanced management interface, harnessing versatile print methods, embracing best-in-class remote printing, and capitalizing on its comprehensive enterprise features, you can create a seamless print experience. This not only enhances user productivity but also fortifies security and compliance within your virtual desktop infrastructure. ScrewDrivers empowers you to transform print management from a challenge to an asset, contributing to a more efficient and productive digital workspace. 

To learn more, click below to download our whitepaper “Embracing & Extending VMware Horizon with ScrewDrivers”.  

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