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October 24, 2018

Version 6.8 is here!

Version 6.8.0 of Simplify Suite is here! Tricerat’s latest version offers numerous improvements and fixes, but also includes several new features and enhancements. These enhancements include updates to the user interface, new tools, changes to printer settings, and more.

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New Interface and Management Tool 

One major update in version 6.8 is the user interface of the Simplify User Assigned Printers Tool, which has been completely redone. The new, clean look and feel has been updated as a preliminary part of version 7's complete UI overhaul. In addition to the interface redesign, a new feature has been added to the tool: maps. An administrator can use the new Tricerat Map Management tool, located in the Console under our external tools, to load floor-plan maps and add locations of printers directly to them. Users desiring to add or remove user-allowed or user-assigned printers can perform those actions by selecting the printer from the map, instead of from a list of printers. This new feature enhances the ease of use for the Console, and allows simpler management of printers. 








Admin view: Upload maps (think: office plans or blueprints) and add printers so users can easily find and self-assign the correct one based on map views.








User view: Users can view maps they have access to, along with accessible printers, so they can easily self-assign printers without having to call a Help Desk or IT support. They can set default printers, remove printers, and more.

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Stored Printer Settings 

In addition to updated interface and the new Map management tool, is an update to the print job settings. Printer settings for the last print job are now stored for a user in the registry. The allows settings to be stored not only between print jobs, but also between user sessions. Previously, when users logged out and logged back in, print settings would need to be reselected. With the new procedure, users will maintain their settings even between logouts.  While this is an improvement for both ScrewDrivers and Print Server printers, it is a significant improvement for Print Server printers that use Advanced Print Features. A user can now open the Advanced Print Features dialog a single time for a printer, and all print jobs that the user makes on that printer will maintain those settings without requiring the dialog to be opened, even on future sessions. If the settings need to be changed, either opening the normal ScrewDrivers settings dialog or the Advanced Print Features dialog will load the saved settings and applying changes will overwrite them.

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AD View Restrictions and Multiple Default Printers

A few final features have been added that are useful for specific environments. Multiple default printers have been added for environments with users that move between multiple environments controlled by a single database. A restrictive active directory display has been added to the Console to add security for environments with service providers that have multiple customers on a single domain.

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Great Updates, More to Come 

At Tricerat, we stand behind our products, and we pride ourselves on continuing to update our existing products, and build features we know our customers want. Our teams are all co-located, so we can seamlessly communicate between departments to ensure we bring customers the features and fixes they are asking for. Tricerat offers active maintenance, which includes free upgrades for our solutions, and free support. 

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