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October 3, 2019

The Value of Mobile Device Printing in Higher Education

You want to give students and faculty the best possible experience, but IT departments in higher education are often understaffed and underfunded. Sports teams receive all the school funding while the IT department is left to make do and work with a lot less.

So, how can you save money, improve user experience and future-proof the organization all at the same time? Better printing. It accounts for a lot of the IT department's spend. User-errors alone can cost thousands annually. Eradicate this issue by switching to a more advanced printing solution that allows mobile device printing.

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Penn State University Park Campus has roughly 50,000 students enrolled as of 2019.

50,000 end-users on one campus is a lot. Imagine the amount of wrong locations, misprints and frustrating user-errors that occur daily at Penn State's University Park Campus. Mobile device printing can solve these issues.

Further, these issues can take take up tremendous amounts of IT administrators' time. This results in salary lost from time wasted on mundane tasks. Administrators focus their time on running virtual environments and hybrid environments like Citrix or VMware. Employing a print management solution with mobile device printing to place all of these environments in the "same pane of glass" can make their jobs much more manageable.

By enlisting a print management solution with mobile device printing to solve errors, you'll be freeing them up to focus on higher-value tasks. On a campus the size of Penn State's, this can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings — not to mention a much better student experience.

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Improve Quality of Service

Flexibility for students and faculty.

In higher education, you're trying to provide a great experience for the staff as well as students. With print management software, students will be more prompt and prepared because they'll be able to print on the right device at the right time. Educators can run efficient classes without having to worry about technical hang-ups that prevent them from printing key handouts.

IT administrators will be happier as well: they'll be focused on ensuring their students are equipped to succeed or improving the school's tech capabilities instead of spending their days putting out fires.

If higher education was a business, then the students are the customers. The goal is to provide them with the best possible product (their education) and the best possible experience (their time spent on campus). Mobile device printing provides students with a superior quality of service.

The value in mobile printing lies in the flexibility and efficiency. Students are always on the move, often with little time to spare as they walk from class to class, or work to campus. Needing documents printed adds a layer of complication that can hinder students happiness and success. With Tricerat's mobile print software, students can print from any device, in any location, to any printer. They have the ability to print from their laptops, tablets, and phones easily and seamlessly.


Prepare for Future Success

Prepare for the future by providing technology that scales with growth while enrollment increases.Students want to attend schools with modern technology. Their parents, who may be supporting their education, certainly want the same. Equip the school with:

  • Centralized print and scan
  • End user management
  • Print job reporting
  • Consistent and reliable user experiences
  • Mobile device printing

Some higher education facilities still operate on a "email-to-print-queue" operation. Don't neglect printing when improving tech offerings. Modernize the education system's printing capabilities with native printing. Current and future students will be better served as a result.

Future-proof the organization through flexible and scalable solutions that provide ROI and add greater value to the school. In doing so you'll be able to provide more students with a quality education they can enjoy and benefit from. Mobile device-capable printing solutions will reduce cost, improve quality of service and increase the amount of applicants to the school.

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