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September 17, 2021

Dedicated Support from Tricerat Leads to NPS Milestone

At Tricerat, we have always put our customers first. It is part of the reason we focus so much on supporting our solutions even after deployment. Thanks to our dedicated support efforts, we have just crossed a major Net Promotor Score (NPS) milestone. How do we celebrate this achievement? By launching an entire support library for all our customers, of course.

Putting Customers First

We here at Tricerat strive to develop and deploy products that help simplify the IT administrator’s responsibilities. Our support team prides themselves in hitting our SLAs, taking care of our clients, and that is reflected in our stellar NPS score.

As an engineer, with a consulting background, it is in my DNA to implement solutions, resolve issues, and assist clients. Fortunately, I get to do that every single day here at Tricerat! I love my job, I love my company, and I love my customers!

-Paul David, VP of Technical Support at Tricerat


Our support team focuses 100% on our clients – their needs, their IT environment, their issues, their concerns, and their software solutions. The team is based in the United States, and has extended East Coast hours to help service our international clients, and offer 24/7 support for customers who may require that option. All code is written by Tricerat team members, with absolutely nothing outsourced, and our development team works closely with our support team on any client needs. We also have a professional services team, available for custom code work and scheduled after hour engagements, when necessary. 

Continued Support with Tricerat Academy

The Tricerat Academy is a brand-new resource from Tricerat to give customers quick and easy answers to frequently asked questions. To simplify the ease of use, the Academy consists mostly of short how-to videos that explain clearly and succinctly how customers can execute certain functions within the ScrewDrivers dashboard to maximize the full power of the solution.

The biggest reasons our support staff is rated so highly year after year is not only because they constantly provide invaluable and timely support to our customers, but also because they anticipate customer needs proactively. Seeing an opportunity to provide customers with even quicker support for common issues or simple to-to fixes, the team acted, and the Tricerat Academy was born!

Visit Tricerat Academy Today! Learn more

Tricerat’s New NPS Milestone

Net promoter score (NPS) is a widely used market research metric that typically takes the form of a single survey question asking respondents to rate the likelihood that they would recommend a company, product, or a service to a friend or colleague. NPS is measured in a range from -100 to +100, and is used by millions of businesses around the world to measure how they’re perceived by customers.

 According to 2021 NPS benchmarks by Retently, the average NPS score for a B2B software company is 30. Tricerat’s all-time NPS average for the 23 years we have been in business is 70, more than double the industry average. And, even better, Tricerat’s NPS score for 2021, year to date, is a perfect 100! This is a huge milestone for Tricerat as a company and a testament to the outstanding work done by our support team.

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