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August 27, 2021

Tricerat Four-Day Workweek Press Release

Baltimore, MD: Tricerat, Inc. announced today that the company will be changing its current five-day workweek to four days per week. This change will be implemented in Q4 for all employees. The decision was announced by CEO John Byrne after months of research on the effectiveness and productivity of a four-day workweek.

Said Byrne, “Tricerat has always been at the forefront of work/life balance issues. Moving to a four-day workweek is a great expansion of our commitment to providing our employees with the leading edge in benefits.”

The focus on increased work-life balance was a major factor in the decision and has been met with enthusiasm from employees. Said Nikolay Nikitkin, Lead Architect at Tricerat, “the four-day workweek means that I have more time with my kids, which is invaluable. It's nice to work for a company that understands that office life is not your entire life.”

This decision is a major shift in culture at Tricerat, and the company believes that it is a change other companies will be making in the coming years, placing Tricerat firmly on the forefront of the modern workplace. Tricerat is committed to providing a positive, healthy, and productive culture for its employees while delivering tremendous products and support to its customer base.

About Tricerat, Inc.: Tricerat, Inc. is a technology company based in Baltimore, MD that specializes in print management solutions and pioneered the first ever virtual print driver. Founded locally over 23 years ago, Tricerat now has a 10,000+ global customer base.  

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